Champagne rains onto the fans.

Happy Post-Memorial day. The races came “home” for the MXA crew this past Saturday (home being the unforgiving hills of Devore, California). While I was a one-man band at Hangtown, quite the opposite happened at Glen Helen. Most of the MXA crew showed up to work (or simply watch and drink too much soda) at the race. While the final touches to Jody’s present to the AMA didn’t come until the morning of the race (because there was an amateur race on friday), the track was ready by the time the gates dropped. Anybody who has ridden Glen Helen on Thursday practice knows it’s rare to find the track this extensively prepped. The dirt was loamy, clumpy, and mostly properly watered. It was only a matter of time before the ruts formed, getting quite deep in some places. Glen Helen is known to bite back, and the fans are the ones who benefit. Anthony Rodriguez had a gnarly end to his day when he hit a fallen bike and launched down Mount St. Helens. After staying on for an endo, he was thrown off while his bike careened down the hill. See here. Weston Peick looked like he would finally have a good race after qualifying eighth. A violent crash in the “unrhythm section” wouldn’t let him have that race, as he was unable to salvage any points. Christian Craig also encountered trouble, breaking his tibia and fibula in a crash where he landed on Geico teammate Jordan Smith. Even red plate holder Ken Roczen wasn’t without trouble. His air forks leaked near the end of the first moto, forcing him to roll the jumps in the last lap. Air wasn’t the only thing he lost. Roczen gave up three positions and his big lead. He would come back to take second overall for the day after a dominant second moto.

MXA’s Daryl Ecklund (red shorts) catches up with MXA photogs Debbi Tamietti and Dan Alamangos for a mid-day chit-chat about F-stops.

Dave Feeney gets a ride to the gate with Zach Osborne.

Jason Anderson jumps to the inside of Cole Seely. If you know the history of these two, that is not a good thing for Cole.

Behold MXA’s hospitality tent. Jody actually gave up the best spot at Glen Helen in order to put the Triple Step-Up landing on our previous hospitality area. We did have easy access to the porta-potties though.

Teammates Alex Martin and Cooper Webb high-five, while Jeremy Martin looks on. Notice the holes in their jerseys for venting.

Tough as the screws in his collarbone, El Chupacabra was ready to race…at least for a moto. Fear of ripping the stitches out of his newly plated collarbone had him sit out the second stanza.

Ken Roczen gets the second moto win after a disappointing first moto. Ken held on to the points lead and red plate for this Saturday’s Thunder Valley National.

East-coaster Brian Converse showed up to the SoCal festivities.

Mountain Bike Action, Road Bike Action and Motocross Action’s John Ker came out to shoot.

Jody Weisel (left) confers with Carl Scanlon about Carl getting in his Cat and putting the final touches on Glen Helen’s virtual Disneyland of a track layout. These two have worked together for almost 20 years building National tracks.


Justin Bogle, Phil Nicoletti and Cole Seely share the same taste in boots–Alpinestars Tech 10–with different colors.

Unlike the $100K factory bikes the Pro’s ride, you can buy most of the gear they wear for a reasonable price. Those elusive Red Bull helmets are among the rare items that cannot found in a catalog. Boots are a vital part to any moto getup, ensuring that your feet stay snug and protected (mainly from sharp footpegs). Modern boots often have dozens of features designed to make little things better. Things like inside pads to grip your bike, fancy clips, designer soles, plastic shrouds and unique venting systems are the latest and greatest. MXA has reviewed most of what you see below in some form or color. The following images are a smattering of some of the boots worn by the Pros.

Ken Roczen.

Kyle Chisholm.

Jason Brooks.

Broc Tickle.

Marvin Musquin.

James Stewart.

Cole Seely.

Blake Baggett.

Fredrik Noren.

Jeremy Byrne.

Blake Baggett.

Another angle Jeremy Byrne.


Weston Peick.

Weston Peick is still working his way up in the sport. After fighting to get full factory support, he was brought on by the JGR Yamaha team in 2015. He was able to get a few podiums in Supercross, but only landed one in the AMA Nationals. After an unfortunate start to the 2016 Supercross season, Peick wasn’t able to rebound before the season ended. With rival middleweight opponent Vince Freise going to Canada, Peick seemed to have a fresh start to the 2016 season. Unfortunately, he already has had a few race-ending crashes and has lost valuable points. Hopefully he can pull out of his slump and get back on the podium this season.

Starts: 24
Overall Podiums: 0
Moto Podiums: 1
Overall Wins: 0
Overall Win Percentage: 0%
Overall Podium Percentage: 4.1%
Overall Consecutive Podiums: 0
Overall Points Earned: 223


The 2015 champion got his first overall win in the 2016 Nationals at Glen Helen.

AMA Nationals 450 Class: Ryan Dungey.
AMA Nationals 250 Class: Alex Martin.
450 Grand Prix: Tim Gajser.
250 Grand Prix: Jeffrey Herlings.
Australian National 450: Kirk Gibbs.
Australian National 250: Nathan Crawford.
Maxxis British 450 National: No Race. Series to pick up in Desertmartin, Northern Ireland.
Maxxis British 250 National: No Race. Series to pick up in Desertmartin, Northern Ireland.



  • Alex Martin gets the red plate.
  • Glen Helen was the first time both brothers shared an overall podium and the first time Alex Martin got an overall national win.
  • Star Racing Yamaha swept the podium.
  • Ken Roczen raced the last few laps on flat air forks. The forks went flat due to a sensor installed in the top by the team.
  • The Blue Buffalo team rig got kicked out of the pits by security.
  • James Stewart decided to opt out after practice. He is still recovering from a dislocated shoulder.
  • Justin Bogle cut his hand on an Avacado keeping him from riding 100%


  • Christian Craig breaks his tibia and fibula landing on Jordan Smith.
  • Jeremy Martin lands on Cooper Webb in the second moto. They both made the podium.


  • Blake Baggett crashed early in the first 450 moto. He came back to finish 16th. All this on a collarbone he broke last Saturday.


JT Racing gear on the Pros.


Robert Hoskins.

Rob is a local SoCal 65cc rider that usually places in the top ten at local races. He has only raced a few AMA-sanctioned races and has never earned worse than second place. I’ll be watching Rob as he pursues his goals.


Slide film galore.

As you have probably figured out, I love shooting film. The Nationals are a great spot to shoot slides, so I brought out six rolls from my stash. Most of the film is more than a few years expired and in typical Kyoshi fashion I left my fresh rolls in the car by accident. The Nationals are fast paced and I’m there to work, so I shot what was in my bag. Ah…the dangers of shooting old film. The first roll snapped in my Nikon N80. Film does become brittle over time. While the next four rolls photographed fine, the sixth roll hung up on the 13th shot in the final moto. Hopefully something decent came out of the four rolls. Maybe I will have a full tray for my Kodak Carousel. What is a Kodak Carousel? It is an old slide projector that holds 100 or so slides so you can quickly cycle through them. It is the genesis of the term slideshow.


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