Roger relaxing in the sun, while his Czech mechanic tightens Roger’s front axle clamp. Photo: Justyn Norek

MXA loves to thumb through the old photos in our files, especially ones of Roger DeCoster from his CZ days. Luckily, photographers Justyn Norek, James Brammer and others found their negatives from 50 years ago. Here is a collection of Roger DeCoster photos shot before Roger had won any of his five FIM 500cc World Motocross Championships.

Roger got a CZ factory ride in 1967 and finished fifth in the 250 World Championships in 1967, 1968 and 1969. Photo: Justyn Norek

After the 1970 season on CZ, where he finished third behind the Suzukis of Joel Robert and Sylvain Geboers in the 250 series. Roger switched to the 500 class and to Suzuki in 1971. Photo: Justyn Norek

Roger doing his trademark cross-up. Photo: James Bremmer

Track prep in the 1960s left a lot to be desired, as Roger demonstrates in Poland. Photo Justyn Norek

Roger said the the CZ’s Jikov carb was good when brand new, but it wore out very quickly because it was made from cheap metal. Photo: Justyn Norek

Roger said that in 1970, “CZ made me a lot of promises to support me and provide me with bikes, mechanic and parts. They also agreed to pay me $5000. I’m still waiting for that check.” Photo: Justyn Norek

CZ riders Joel Robert (B) and Roger DeCoster lead the Husqvarnas of Torsten Hallman (1) and Staffan Eneqvist (E),  while BSA’s Feets Minert (27) and Montesa-mounted Ron Nelson (127) chase. The letters on the number plates were so that the European GP riders could be more easily spotted by the U.S. spectators (with the exception of Torsten Hallman, because he was Number 1. Photo: James Bremmer

Roger DeCoster, Joel Robert and Dave Bickers.

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