The view of the pits from the first turn. The track actually runs behind the starting line and then rejoins the start on the left hand side of this photo. The freeway is in the background.

The view of the starting gate from the second story of the two-story mechanics building shows the terraced spectator area in the background. The area in the foreground of the photo is the section of track that runs behind the start (and was added so that the mechanics could signal from the two-story mechanics structure). It had to go here because this is the only ground at Lakewood that was flat enough to build the 180-foot long signal building.

This corner was on the old track layout, but has been banked.

This is the last time that the Red Bull arch will be used in the GP series?next year it will be a Monster arch. Neither Monster nor Red Bull have a good reputation with their arches.

This Red Bull arch is at the finish line jump. If you look down the hill you can imagine where the parking lot will be.

Glen Helen actually packed the two-story mechanics area from the USGP into a container and shipped it to Lakewood.

Photos by John Perry

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