Photos by John Basher and Dan Alamangos

This was the smooth part of the Glen Helen World Vet track. Saturday’s track was very rough, but Sunday was considered “smooth” by Glen Helen specialists. They might have been making that up to scare the foreign riders.

Ryan Hughes (4) gets a big jump on the pack in the Over-30 Pro class. Ryan was on a stock CRF450 with an FMF exhaust pipe. MXA knows that Ryan was on a stocker because we wouldn’t let him touch the engine on the bike we supplied him.

By the time the Over-30 Pros hit the Talladega first turn Ryan had a lead that he would never give up.

Broc Glover was presented with the Edison Dye Lifetime Achievement Award at halftime. Gerrit Wolsink, Gary Jones, Donnie Hansen, Jimmy Holley, Gavin Trippe, Lars Larsson, Randy Rodriquez and Warren Reid were there to support Broc.

Mike Sleeter (111) raced a KTM 350SXF…after all, he is KTM’s in-house test rider. Sleeter finished second.

Bones Bacon and schoolmarm girlfriend Debbie came to support the Pro Circuit squad?which included Ron Lechien.

AMA Hall of Famer Lars Larsson was the first European rider to come to the USA to show American teenagers what this thing called “Motocross” was all about?he’s still racing 44 years later.

Kurt Nicoll was third in the Over-40 Pro class.

Gunnar Lindstrom has raced the GPs and AMA Nationals, been the editor of Dirt Bike Magazine and the team manager for Team Honda. Now, he is an author of the new book called “Husqvarna Success.” To order Gunnar’s 240-page history of Husqvarna motorcycles, call GT Motors at (517) 485-6815. 

MXA test rider Willy Musgrave (422) finished fifth in the Over-40 Pro class and eighth in the Over-30 Pro class on a two-stroke…but not just any two-stroke. Willy raced a ten-year-old 2001 CR250. Willy, Shawn Wynne and Doug Dubach were the only riders to make the top ten in both the Over-30 and Over-40 Pro classes.

Doug “Dr. D” Dubach (15) won the Over-40 Pro class in front of Gordon Ward, Kurt Nicoll, Ron Lechien, Willy Musgrave and Victor Sheldon. It was Doug’s 18th World Vet title. He said on the podium that we wouldn’t be racing the Over-30 Pro class in future years.

Zoli Berenyi, Jr. made his return to the World Vet. Zoli and his father were both Canadian National Motocross Champions. Senior in 1965 and Junior in 1978. Zoli Sr., passed away earlier this year. We’re glad at Zoli Jr., came down from Canada because the World Vet wouldn’t be the same without a Berenyi.

Glen Helen has more up-and-downs than the stock market. It makes most modern tracks look like postage stamps. Kevin Foley (11) would win two classes at Glen Helen.

Isao Ida came from Saitama, Japan, to race the Over-50 Pro class. Ida was the 1986 Japanese 125 National Champion. Ida finished fourth, while Hideaki Suzuki (the 1972, 1973 and 1974 Japanese National Champion) took a second in the Over-60 Pro class. They were part of a large contingent of Japanese riders at the World Vet.

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