WHAT IS IT? The Renegade is MSR’s inexpensive motocross pant. The pants offer a significant number of high-priced features at a penny-pinching price.

WHAT’S IT COST? $99.95.

CONTACT? or your local dealer.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the MSR Renegade pant.

(1) Fit. Available in even sizes from 28 to 40, the Renegade pant fits everyone from small fries to big guys. Test riders enjoyed the fit of the pant, although the copious space around the legs made fitment somewhat loose for bean pole types. We didn’t take issue with the fit of the Renegade, though, mostly because we would rather have excess room than feel like a shrink-wrapped sausage.

(2) Knees. It’s tough satisfying both knee brace and knee cup wearers, because braces take up substantially more interior room. Constructing too small a knee area hinders knee brace wearers, while going too big creates uncomfortable bagginess for the knee cup crowd. The Renegade’s knees lean toward the baggy side, but we consider it a benefit to riders with larger legs. Whereas MSR’s high-end pant, the NXT, is slimmer for riders with thinner legs, the Renegade is tailor-made for riders with meaty legs. It’s worth noting that MSR utilized full-grain leather on both inner knee panels. The leather extended fully into every boot that we wore with the pant.

(3) Sizing. The Renegade is on the roomy side in the waist. Test riders who fell between even sizes (31, 33, 35, etc.) loved the added room that the pant afforded. Although if you fall between sizes, we recommend trying the next size down. The plus of this is that you’ll be able to claim that you wear pants that are one size smaller than you normally wear. Size 33 pant wearers felt right at home in a size 32 Renegade.

(4) Waist closure.
The ratchet-style waist closure is durable, simplistic and foolproof. Strategically located stretch paneling along the hip line allows for an inch or so of extra room should the rider need it. At 5-inches long, the plastic zipper allows riders to comfortably slip into the pant.

(5) Options.
The Renegade is offered in four different color choices, from mild (blue, red or black) to wild (Lost). Older riders preferred the solid color schemes, while younger testers were immediately drawn to the black-and-white splatter-like Lost design.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? The area around the knees is baggy for knee cup wearers (which is a plus for knee bracers users) and the legs are too large for riders with toothpick legs (but good for. the tree trunk crowd).

This is an amazing pant for a rider on a budget (and who isn’t?). At under $100, it boasts full-grain leather, durable materials, comfortable stretch paneling and a foolproof waist closure. Enough said.