In case you haven’t had the time to scour the internet to get your weekly fill of Motocross and Supercross videos, the MXA wrecking crew has done all the work for you. What follows is a collection of videos including a grandpa on a dirt bike, Travis Pastrana testing at Fox Raceway, Chad Reed’s JGR Suzuki, two Husqvarna MXA bike tests, some historic racing, full coverage footage from Red Bull Straight Rhythm and Decoster’s Motocross File’s all in one place. Just look at these videos and give up excess surfing!

2018 red bull straight rhythmchad reedgrandpa earlgrandpa early shreds on a dirt bikeJAMES STEWARTJGRpro circuitred bullricky carmichaelrodger decosterSUZUKItravis pastranaZACH BELL