By John Minert


Darryn has gone green.

MXA: How did the deal come about?
Darryn: I had a pretty good season last year. I was talking to Mitch every weekend, I knew there would be a spot open. I just did everything I could to get it.

How long have you been riding the bike?
For two weeks. I rode outdoors for a little bit and got a couple days of Supercross. It’s been awesome, everything has been dialed-in every day. It’s nice because I only have to worry about riding.

Have you gotten into much testing?

We have tried some stuff, but it’s mostly just getting used to the bike right now because I’ve have been riding Hondas for a couple of years. Switching to the Kawi has actually been pretty easy. It has not been bad. I’m starting to work with a new trainer next week, Darren Stockton, although it’s not for sure yet. I’m pretty much just going to be training and riding, getting ready for Supercross. I do a little road-biking, running, stuff in the gym and just riding. There is nothing like riding.

Would you rather ride the East or West Coast series if you had a choice?
It doesn’t really matter, but I have only ridden the East coat so far. I’ve never done the West Coast before so I would kind of like to do West. But Daytona is a cool track, and that’s one of the pluses about riding East.

Darryn showed he can start and run up front in outdoors… he wants to show that he can stay there.

What are your goals?
I really want to try to win some races this year and get on the podium as much as possible. That’s pretty much all I can do, and hopefulley it puts me in a good spot to win the whole thing. In the outdoors I lead a few races and I faded a little bit, but I still had a bunch of top fives and good finishes. It was a pretty good year. I don’t really have preference [between indoors and outdoors], I think I can ride both pretty well. Just go out and pin it.

What do you like to do besides ride dirt bikes?

I like hanging out, going out riding and hitting jumps. It’s pretty much all I do. I go to some punk shows and that’s about it.

To the see the MXA video of Darryn’s first ride on the Pro Circuit bike click Here.


At round one, Bowers picked up where he left off last year: with a win.

From Last Saturday, the 2012 AMA Arenacross Series kicked off its 12-race championship from Des Moines, Iowa’s Wells Fargo Arena. After a dramatic main event in the premier Arenacross class, reigning series champion Tyler Bowers picked up where he left off last season, taking the win for Babbitt’s Monster Energy/Amsoil Kawasaki presented by Maxxis. Now, as the series invades Baltimore, Md., for the second round of the championship, Bowers leads the way into 1st Mariner Arena, looking to build upon his early points lead.

Bowers’ victory in Des Moines marked his third straight, dating back to last season. Since joining the series full time in 2010, Bowers has garnered 22 victories in 39 races, meaning he has stood atop the podium 57 percent of the time. His aggressive style has worked to is advantage on the intimate layouts, historically, but Bowers has also proven to be very tactical in his approach, as evidenced last Saturday night.

In the early stages of the 25-lap 450 class main event in Des Moines, Bowers’ Babbitt’s Monster Energy/Aamsoil Kawasaki teammate Chad Johnson established himself as the rider to beat. Bowers was forced to overcome a mid-pack start, and eventually positioned himself into third behind Johnson and Bella’s Cupcakes/Club MX Kawasaki’s Zach Ames. As a battle for the lead began to unfold, Bowers waited patiently, looking for any opportunities to attack. Eventually, Johnson and Ames came together, and hit the dirt. Bowers, who had maintained a safe distance in the event of such an incident, slipped by both riders and ran away from the field for the remainder of the race. The victory gives Bowers valuable momentum in the championship, but after just one round, he is by no means in a safe position. The AMA 450 Series is known for its unpredictability, and Bowers wasn’t void of his own tense moments last weekend. With teammate, and 2010 champion, Josh Demuth just three points back in second, and 2009 champion Jeff Gibson in third aboard his FMF Power/Poynt TUF Honda, Bowers will need to be on his game over the course of two nights in Baltimore.


1. Tyler Bowers, Danville, Ky., Kawasaki
2. Josh Demuth, North Richland Hills, Texas, Kawasaki
3. Jeff Gibson, Blacklick, Ohio, Honda
4. Nathan Skaggs, Chillicothe, Ohio, Honda
5. Michael Willard, Newark, Ohio, KTM
6. Willy Browning, Pleasantville, Ohio, KTM
7. Shawn Rife, Mechanicsburg, Ohio, Honda
8. Kurt McCabe, Marion, Iowa, Honda
9. Kelly Smith, Ludington, Mich., KTM
10. Cory Green, Nowata, Okla., Suzuki


1. Michael Willard, Newark, Ohio, KTM
2. Aaron Gulley, Jonesburg, Mo., Kawasaki
3. Dave Ginolfi, Lake Hopatlong, N.J., KTM
4. Adam Gulley, Jonesburg, Mo., Kawasaki
5. Daniel Blair, Lodi, Calif., KTM
6. Tanner Moore, Auburn, Kan., KTM
7. Kevin Markwardt, Freeport, Ill., KTM
8. T.J. Phillips, New Castle, Pa., Kawasaki
9. Maxx Malatia, Itasca, Ill., Honda
10. Aviery Hickey, Southlake, Texas, Honda


Des Moines ? Zach Ames

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1. 10/29-10/30…Wells Fargo Arena, Des Moines, Iowa
2. 11/4-11/6……..First Mariner Arena, Baltimore, Maryland
3. 11/11/-11/3…..Alliant Energy Center, Madison, Wisconsin
4. 12/9-12/11…..Mohegan Sun Arena, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
5. 1/6-1/8………..VanAndel Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan
6. 1/13-1/5………KS Expo Centre, Topeka, Kansas
7. 1/21-1/22…….Nutter Center, Daytona, Ohio
8. 1/27-1/29…….Cedar Park Center, Cedar Park, Texas
9. 2/3-2/5………..SRC Arena, Syracuse, NY
10. 2/11-2/12…..Save Mart Center, Fresno, California
11. 2/17-2/19…..Livestock Events Center, Reno, Nevada
12. 2/25-2/26….Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Pete DeGraaf is the current Over-50 World Champion (a title that has been won in the past by Toon Karsmakers, Brent Wallingsford, Alan Olson, Gary Jones, Hideaki Suzuki, Rich Thorwaldson and others).

Because of the influx of ancient mariners into the racing world, the MTA World Vet Championship will be adding classes for riders over 55-years-old this weekend. This is in keeping with the already existing Over-25, Over-35 and Over-45 classes (and it is presumed in that in the future the Over-60 riders will be split in Over-60 and Over-65). The real impetus came from the large number of Over-50 Experts vying for the title…which left the older riders in the class (those between 55 and 59) at a disadvantage. Although the Over-55 classes did not make the race flier or the entry blank, all riders have to do is show up at sign-up and request the Over-55 (Novice, Intermediate or Expert) classes. As always at the World Vet, you have to bring your driver’s license to sign-up to prove your age?and they don’t care if you will turn the correct age one day after the race?you cannot race a class unless you are that age on race day (November 5 or November 6).

Thursday, Nov 3…Open practice from 8:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Friday, Nov. 4…Practice for entered Vets from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Saturday, Nov. 5…Races for all classes, plus the $4000 Over-40 Pro class
Sunday, Nov. 6…Races for all classes, plus the $4000 Over-30 Pro class
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Jeff Ward has teamed with Mike Kranyak to field their own team. We wonder who the rider will be?

In related twitter news….


Left to right: Kyle Chisholm, Justin Barcia and Jake Weimer after Sunday’s main.

The race format of Bercy Supercross is difficult to understand, with three lap sprints, rider elimination, timed sessions, semi finals Olympic scoring, double row starts and French organizers, but it made for very exciting racing. With second row starts and tight corners, riders like Chisholm and Weimer would find themselves battling through the pack. There were bar-banging duels on the track and even an off-the-track confrontation mid-race. The gates dropped and chaos ensued. Here’s how they ended up:

Friday Results:

1. Eli Tomac
2. Kyle Chisholm
3. Jake Weimer
4. Mike Alessi
5. Nicky Wey
6. Arnaud Tonus
7. Nicolas Aubin
8. Christophe Martin
9. Fabien Izoird
10. Tommy Searle
11. Justin Barcia
12. Gregory Aranda

Saturday Results:
1. Kyle Chisholm
2. Eli Tomac
3. Gregory Aranda
4. Nick Wey
5. Cedric Soubeyras
6. Fabien Izoird
7. Tommy Searle
8. Mike Alessi
9. Cyrille Coulon
10. Arnaud Tonus
11. Jake Weimer
12. Christophe Martin
13. Khounsith Vongsana

Sunday Results:
1. Justin Barcia (Honda)
2. Jake Weimer (Kawasaki)
3. Kyle Chisholm (Yamaha)
4. Mike Alessi (Suzuki)
5. Eli Tomac (Honda)
6. Tommy Searle (Kawasaki)
7. Fabien Izoird (Suzuki)
8. Nicolas Aubin (Honda)
9. Cedric Soubeyras
10. Cyrille Coulon

Overall 2011 King of Bercy Supercross
1. Kyle Chisholm (Yamaha) 2-1-3
2. Eli Tomac (Honda) 1-2-5
3. Jake Weimer (Kawasaki) 3-11-2
4. Mike Alessi (Suzuki) 4-8-4
5. Cedric Soubeyras (Honda) 7-5-9


Fabian Izoird will race for the MotoConcepts team on a Suzuki, along with Mike Alessi. Fabian has had only brief appearances on the US radar so far, filling in for Jake Weimer on his Monster Kawasaki, but has great credentials in Europe with French and European Championships under his belt. Watch for the the Frenchman come Anaheim Supercross, because he can really rail turns.


Matrix Concepts introduces the new M11 Welcome Mat to its track and garage necessities line. The M11 Welcome Mat is a must have when at home or at the track, and we all know that the muddy rain season has just begun. Big enough to hold your boots and shoes, the 3’X3′ Welcome Mat is guaranteed to save the carpet in your house, trailer and motor home. They are now available in Red, Blue, Black, and a Honda version in black at


Cycra Racing’s brand-new Speed Armor High Impact Skid Plates have the right amount of protection for your engine and lower frame rails. Made from injection molded high impact plastic, each Skid Plate comes with an injection molded lower frame tongue and ultra-high performance tie straps that make installation a snap. Cycra’s zip-ties are twice the strength of typical hardware zip ties.

At half the cost of an aluminum skid plate Speed Armor Skid Plates are available for most two- and four-stroke applications, install in seconds, are100% recyclable, come in Black, Blue, Red, Gray, Green, Yellow and Orange and are made in the USA. The retail price is $39.95. For more info, go to or call (800) 770-2259.

The FIM has a new rule stopping track personnel from helping a rider back on his bike…especially one that is off the racetrack.

The FIM has announced a few new rules for the 2012 season. One that requires that all world Champions run gold front number plates, another that says that track personnel can not hold a bike for a rider (or pat the seat to show them where to sit) and couple more that cover head-on accidents in the FIM jetting area, sighting lap direction of travel and when a race will be restarted as new race. Here they are:

1. OUTSIDE ASSISTANCE (Art. 1.2.10, 035.13, 042.23, 043.23)
Marshals may assist riders by lifting motorcycles and moving them to a safe place. They cannot hold the bike while repairs or adjustments are made. Any repairs or adjustments must be made by the rider, working alone with no outside assistance. Marshals are not allowed to assist riders to re-start their motorcycles.

2. SIGHTING LAP ETIQUETTE (Art. 01.5.18, 035.11.4)
Once a rider has started his sighting lap, he must continue in the direction of the race. No practice starts are allowed.

3. RESTARTS (Art. 01.5.23)
If a Qualifying Race is stopped before 10 minutes (MX1,MX2,MX3) or 8 minutes for the Women’s class, have elapsed or if a race is stopped before 20 minutes (MX1,MX2) or 18 minutes (MX3) or 12 minutes (Women,Veterans) have elapsed, there will be a complete restart.

The FIM wants its series champs to run gold number plates…no mention of gold clothes.

A World Champion shall use a golden yellow number plate.

5. JETTING AREA (ART. 047.7.8)
Only riders, mechanics and team staff are allowed to use the test area with motorcycles that have been verified for the event. The use of pit-bikes, mopeds, bicycles, etc. is not allowed.


Ohlins USA is proud to announce the signing of Les Smith to Team Ohlins USA, for the 2012 Monster Energy AMA Supercross and Lucas Oil AMA Motocross series. Smith will be competing in the 250 class on a Honda CRF250. A 21-year-old native of York, South Carolina, Smith is a three-time amateur champion at Loretta Lynn’s and will now be racing on the Ohlins gold and running number 46, under the leadership of Team Ohlins USA manger, Grant Langston.

About joining the team, Smith said, “They look to have a really good program so I’m excited to be a part of it. Last year I had five top ten finishes in the 250 Supercross class, and I hope to improve on that. To stay in shape I practice four to five days a week. I’ve got a brand new Supercross track I’m using today. Plus, I’m focusing on my overall fitness this year as well. I have a local trainer helping me out so I’m putting in over time.”

Motocross champion Grant Langston, Team Manager of Team Ohlins USA, said, “I’ve been in touch with Les for a while and he’s a definite player. He’s serious and has a great attitude and it all shows in how he rides. So we’re looking forward to an exciting year with him. There’s a lot of potential in what we’re doing combined with his riding abilities.”

Ohlins USA Off Road Manager, Stacey Berger, said, “We’re excited to have Les signed. It took a little time to get everything sorted but once he rode a bike with our suspension I think the decision was easy for him to make. We look forward to big things from him this year.”


April 9 …Valkenswaard, Netherlands
April 22 …Sevlievo, Bulgaria
April 29 …Fermo, Italy
May 13 … Beto Carrero, Brazil
May 20 … Queretaro, Mexico
June 3 …St Jean D’Angely, France
June 10 … Agueda, Portugal
June 17 … TBA
July 1 … Uddevalla, Sweden
July 15 … Kegums, Latvia
July 22 … Semigorje, Russia
August 5 … Loket, Czech Republic
August 19 … Matterley Basin, England
September 2 … Lierop, Netherlands
September 9 … TBA
September 23 … Teutschenthal, Germany
September 30 … Motocross des Nations,  Lommel, Belgium

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