Remember that we wouldn’t be able to race motocross without the freedom provided by our Armed Forces.

It has been 13 years since terrorists attacked U.S. soil, and in the time since Americans have been trying to heal from the painful atrocities. Vigilant U.S. Armed Forces valiantly captured Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. Though the fight isn’t over, let us not forget the nearly 3000 innocent people that perished on a day that will forever live on in infamy. May those souls rest in peace, and may the rest of us remember. Never forget, never forgotten.


This week we received the 2015 Husqvarna FC450 and have since been busy spending quality time riding the white streak at motocross tracks around SoCal. Here’s a photo of Daryl Ecklund catching flight time at Glen Helen. I barely avoided the sharp FC450 footpegs while taking this shot. It was worth the risk.


23-year-old Swiss sensation, Arnaud Tonus, made waves recently when he signed a deal with Mitch Payton’s Pro Circuit Kawasaki team for 2015. He will join Adam Cianciarulo, Chris Alldredge, Tyler Bowers, Joey Savatgy (from what we’re hearing), and another rider. However, unless you follow the Grand Prix series closely or happen to be from Switzerland, then you probably don’t know much about Arnaud (pronounced Arno) Tonus. Here are some of the pertinent facts:

Tonus finished top three in motos 14 times this year in the 250 World Championships. He was Jeffrey Herlings’ biggest title threat until he went out with injury at the German Grand Prix. Watch below as Tonus and Herlings raced at the MXGP of Italy from earlier this year:

Arnaud hails from Switzerland.

It is true that Tonus has Supercross experience, though not on the biggest stage. He has finished on the podium at a number of off-season European Supercross races, such as the Geneva Supercross, against the likes of Justin Brayton and other fast Americans. Arnaud has been on a number of different motorcycle brands in his racing career, including Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki. The past two seasons he raced for the CLS Kawasaki team.

Arnaud was leading the 250 GP standings and had been in good position to challenge Jeffrey Herlings and Jordi Tixier for the title; that is, until he dislocated his shoulder in practice at the German Grand Prix.

Tonus is 23 years old, which wouldn’t be significant except for the fact that the GP system forces racers who are 23 years or older to move up to the 450 class. Hence  it makes sense for Arnaud to make the move to America at this point in his career (particularly given that there are so few 450 GP rides available).


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By Jim Kimball

Max Nagl (far right) stands next to Gautier Paulin (center) and Tony Cairoli (left) at the opening round of the 2014 Grand Prix series. He won the Brazilian GP this past weekend. His first win since 2010.

MXA: Max, let’s begin with your early racing career. You had been on a small KTM team for a couple years before getting signed on by the prestigious Red Bull KTM team alongside Tony Cairoli.

Max: It was always my dream to get on a factory team. I was very proud to get signed by Red Bull KTM and work with Stefan Everts. I was happy to ride for the biggest team in the GP’s. I had some great years with the team. But when DeCarli took over the MX1 class, I became the “second” rider on the team next to Tony. It was not easy for me to be in that position. There were some problems that developed and it just didn’t work out for me. During my time there I was able to challenge Tony, and in 2009 I finished second in the World Championship right behind him. I beat him a couple times then.

After being on KTM for so long, you switched to the HRC Honda factory team in 2013. However, many people still recall your last race with KTM, at the Motocross des Nations last year in Germany. You were instrumental in helping your home country win the Chamberlain Trophy.

That was such a special moment for me! When I passed the finish line so many fans came through the fences and jumped on me! Standing on top of the podium there was amazing and such a special feeling.

What would you say was the major difference between the factory KTM you raced and the factory Honda?

The differences between KTM and Honda are huge! Generally as far as the way the companies work, both can make changes to the bikes and equipment, but with Honda it took much longer to make the changes and deliver new products to test. As far as the actually motorcycle I would say that the main difference is that the KTM is more powerful, but that the Honda handles better and is easier to ride. It’s really a matter of preference; do you want more motor, or more handling?

Unfortunately like many other top riders, you struggled with injuries. What do you think is the cause?

I have been injured almost every year with something. It’s been very frustrating, especially if it is not your own fault. For example, this year when I broke both my hands, I ran into two amateur riders that had crashed together behind a jump at a local track. I consider myself a very safe rider, and I don’t take a lot of unnecessary risks. I think that I just have been unlucky with injuries.

Talk for a minute about Ken Roczen.

I have known Kenny since he was on a 50cc mini bike. There was a small Supercross track they built near his home, and he was always riding it. I even spent some time there in the winter riding. I am happy for him; he is doing so well in America. He really enjoys Supercross, and I think that is what is most important to the teams in the U.S.

Are there any other German riders that you see having the level of success that you and Kenny have had?

At the moment I don’t really see the next generation of riders in Germany. There is Kenny and myself. We have some good riders, but they are not at the top level as in the GP’s or AMA races. I often try to watch as many of the American races as possible when they are on TV.

Speaking of that, you had to move from Germany to have more access to tracks, right?

Yes, I did have to leave Germany for Belgium a few years ago. In Germany there are just not the best training possibilities, plus many of the teams are based in Belgium, and the practice tracks are much better.

You have a reputation as one of the most fit riders racing the GP’s. What do you do for training?

I like to go to America in the coldest part of winter to spend a couple weeks of training on the bike, but I prefer to stay in Europe for most of my training. I spend many hours on the bicycle to get to a good base condition. Then in the beginning of the season I also go to the gym a lot and do interval training. My father raced many years ago, so it was easy for me to get into riding and training. He then spent the first 12 years of my racing career traveling and helping me with my training and racing.  Now my girlfriend Sabrina helps me a lot. We have been together ten years now, and she knows what I need to do to perform well.

What do you think about the GP flyaway races?

I don’t really care for them. The travel is long, and the weather is so much different than in Europe, especially when it is earlier in the spring. The only overseas GP that I really enjoyed was Glen Helen. I love that track. When we went to the U.S. for the race I tried to come a few days earlier to practice there. It was so different than the GP tracks!

What are you focusing on for next season?

There will be some big changes for me. And I want to fight for the championship!


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WHAT IS IT? Red Bull secretly set up a half-mile long Supercross track this past year and invited their sponsored athletes–James Stewart, Ryan Dungey, Cole Seely, Jessy Nelson, Marvin Musquin, among others–to test out the layout. What’s the big deal? The track, coined “Straight Rhythm” by Red Bull, is exactly that–a straightaway with rhythm obstacles. Two riders race head-to-head in an elimination format.

WHEN IS IT? Red Bull set the date for the inaugural Straight Rhythm on October 4th.

WHERE WILL IT BE HELD? Where do you find an area large enough to hold a half-mile-long track? At a car track, of course. The event will be at Auto Club Raceway at the Fairplex in Pomona, California.

WHO WILL BE RACING? Red Bull hasn’t released a rider list yet, but it’s assumed that most, if not all, of their sponsored riders will be competing. Word is that James Stewart will be lining up (it’s not an FIM-sanctioned race). In total there will be 32 racers.


Click here. Admission is $20 per person and $10 for parking. From the looks of it there isn’t a bad seat in the house. Gates open at 2:00 p.m. and racing starts at 3:00 p.m.



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Photos: John Basher, Massimo Zanzani, KTM

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