This past Thursday Yamaha invited MXA down to Huntington Beach to get a sneak peek look at the 2014 Yamaha YZ250F and YZ450F. It was exciting to find out what the blue crew had in store, especially since the YZ250F has received only minimal changes for quite a few years and the YZ450F has been lambasted by several Pro riders.
    I knew about the many updates to the bikes well before the general consumer, and it was hard for me to hold my tongue. However, Yamaha reiterated time and again that there was a STRICT embargo on these machines until Tuesday evening at 6:00 p.m. PST. I thought it wise to keep quiet about the new technology.
    In this photo you’ll notice Tim Olson (left) and Bob Starr pulling back the covers to the all-new YZ250F. To find out all the vital specs on this bike, as well as the YZ450F, take a look at our main page under features. Exciting stuff!

A breakdown of the top ten in each class as the National series passes the 1/3 mark.

450 Class:

Photo courtesy of Kawasaki

    1. Master of Moto: Ryan Villopoto is going to win his second 450 National title, that much seems obvious. No discrediting Ryan Dungey, but RV is on another level. He has won seven of eight motos by nailing great starts, sprinting in the early laps, and maintaining breakneck speed throughout 30 minutes plus two laps. There aren’t any visible wrinkles in his program, no ways for Dungey and company to exploit weakness.
    And speaking of competition, Ryan Dungey is the only rider within 25 points (one moto) of Villopoto. Justin Barcia, in third place, trails Villopoto by nearly an entire National. Here’s what’s even more unreal?only the top seven riders in the 450 class are within 100 points of RV.

Photo courtesy of KTM

    2. The Steam Engine: Here’s a bit of historical trivia for you. Thomas Savery is credited for inventing the first crude steam pump over 300 years ago. Originally designed to pump water out of coal mines, the technology soon extended to locomotives. As you know, a steam-powered train takes time to get going before gaining a full head of, well, steam. Ryan Dungey is the motocross form of a steam engine. He starts off the moto as fast as most other riders (Villopoto, Justin Barcia and James Stewart notwithstanding) and takes until around the 15 minute mark before he’s hammering around the track. However, by then his chief nemesis, Villopoto, has set sail (how many more transportation analogies can I fit into this piece?).
    Ryan Dungey is Mr. Second Place. He’s finished runner-up in six of eight motos. He has only managed to gain seven points on Ryan Villopoto in one moto, but has lost 16. You do the math.

    3. Boy Strength: It’s no surprise that Justin Barcia is doing well in his first full 450 outdoor campaign. The modern-day Bob Hannah has the speed, skillset, desire and cockiness to throw down with the big boys. Barcia can keep pace with Ryan Villopoto, but he has yet to do it for an entire moto. It will be interesting to see how RV handles the pressure, because by the end of the series Justin will have figured out the formula that is Ryan Villopoto. It might be too late this year for Barcia to challenge Villopoto for the title, but the future looks bright for “Bam Bam.”

And how the rest of the class is doing, described in one sentence:

    4. Trey Canard: At least once every moto Trey does something spectacular that makes me fear for his safety.   

    5. Mike Alessi: Except for the third place finish in the second moto at High Point, the Nationals have been nothing but unfulfilled expectations for Alessi.

    6. James Stewart: The guy can’t catch a break (at least not a lucky one).

    7. Tyla Rattray: Tyla will be a consistent top five finisher as the series progresses.

    8. Ryan Sipes: He has the speed to be a regular top five guy.

    9. Jake Weimer: Earth to Jake, are you in there?

    10. Broc Tickle: It can’t feel good when your boss, Ricky Carmichael, expresses his disappointment in you on a weekly basis.

250 Class:

Photo courtesy of KTM

    1. The Surfer Frontman: A few weeks ago Fox Racing released a video of Ken Roczen surfing in SoCal. Ken expressed his joy for surfing, and that he liked to do it in his free time. Guess what? Don’t be fooled. Ken Roczen doesn’t have any spare time. He rides, trains, pedals the bicycle and is consumed by motocross. It shows. K-Roc has done a masterful job this series of being in much better shape than last year. The hard work is paying off. Kenny has won the first moto in every National so far. The wins have helped him amass a 15-point lead over Eli Tomac and a 22-point lead over his teammate, Marvin Musquin.
    Will Ken Roczen win the 250 National crown? It’s too early to tell. The 250 class has been much more exciting this National series than the 450 class, and it’s because of parity. The 250 class is not a one-man band. However, Roczen could turn it into his very own tour if he puts together stronger second moto finishes.

Photo courtesy of Geico Honda

    2. Mr. Determination: Eli Tomac was born into a family of champions. He’s intense, just like his parents, and incredibly gifted (again, just like his parent). Eli was a aww shucks youngster when he came out and won his first Pro race at Hangtown, but his demeanor has changed since that formative time. He’s steely-eyed to the line, determined beyond compare, and focused on winning the 250 outdoor title. It’s his last chance to do so, given the fact that he’s racing a 450 full-time in 2014. Just as in Supercross, Eli is faced with a formidable foe by the name of Ken Roczen. Kenny got the upper hand indoors. Will the same happen outdoors?

Photo courtesy of KTM

    3. Riding like it’s 2010 all over again: It took time for Marvin Musquin to find his footing in the U.S. Perhaps it was the culture shock, the style of racing, Supercross, or new tracks that left him on an island searching for the speed and success that he had in winning two consecutive 250 World titles in 2009-’10. Certainly finding Justin Barcia’s rear wheel at Freestone two years ago didn’t help.
    Now Musquin is rolling. He was oh-so-close to winning the 250 East Supercross title, and instead of being downtrodden he’s rattling off National wins. The funny Frenchman has won the last two races. In the second moto at High Point he was under constant pressure from Ken Roczen, but Marvin didn’t falter. He trails by 22 points, but the series is still young.

And how the rest of the class is doing, described in one sentence:

    4. Blake Baggett: It’s apparent that he’s still on the mend, but he’s not out of this title chase yet.

    5. Zach Osborne: The pride of Virginia, by way of Europe, can be a top three contender in every moto.

    6. Jason Anderson: Jason and Zach Osborne won’t be exchanging Christmas cards after the take-out move that Zach put on Jason in the second moto at High Point.

    7. Cooper Webb: He’s doing exactly what a promising rookie normally does?a great first moto followed by a weak second moto (although he’s getting stronger in the second moto, scoring 3, 4, 6 and then 10 points as the series has progressed).

    8. Justin Bogle: Flashes of brilliance mired down by inconsistency.

    9. Jeremy Martin: The second-best rookie thus far is close to breaking the top five crust.

    10. Kyle Cunningham: He has finished between seventh and ninth in five of eight motos, but he can do better.


Here’s a sneak peak shot of the 2014 Kawasaki.

    The big news from yesterday was that Yamaha unveiled their all-new YZ250F and YZ450F. With that said, what other new models from the manufacturers are coming down the pipeline? In truth, Kawasaki is the only brand left to show their hand for ’14. Please click back to our website on Monday, June 17th, at 8:00 a.m. PST to check out the KX250F and KX450F.

By Daryl Ecklund

No, no, no, no, NO!

    Does living in the moment make you happy? Does it give you a sense of gratification of forgetting the past and taking tomorrow as it comes? This seems to be today’s trend that leaves the happiness chart looking like an echocardiogram of a heartbeat that steadily is going down hill.
    Our bodies are being filled with toxic chemicals that are made to lower expenses, produce longer lasting food, and to make the consumer crave for more. This food has detrimental effects to the human body?or any body in that case. The adverse effects may not have kicked in last week, today or maybe not even ten years from now, but I’m here to tell you they will. And when they do in a lot of cases it’s too late. What do I mean by too late? I mean death. This may sound harsh, but the truth allows you to become aware; therefore you’re able to make changes in you life for the better.
    In my journey to becoming a better living activist, I have had the privilege of speaking with many people who are either fighting a disease, have overcome a disease, or conquered one. As for the ones that lost the battle?all you can hope is that at least one person can learn from their mistakes. I do not mean to offend anyone by calling them “mistakes.” Most people were just unaware of the choices they made that affected them down the road. All of these people can relate and know how it feels to suffer the consequences of an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. Each and every one of these people would do anything to go back in time and change their ways. “Only if I was more aware of what I was putting into my body! I never thought it would happen to me!”


    The hardest people for me to help are the ones who are blind to see what they are up against. They are unable to see through the fog to see where their future selves are heading. What will it take for these people to start making smarter choices to a healthy, disease-free life? How many people will have to suffer before we change our ways? I have repeatably hit my head against a wall trying to find the answers. Why do I hit my head over and over again? It’s because the answers are simple. Eat healthy and exercise. The hard part is motivating people to do these two simple things while helping them become aware of where their lifestyle is leading them.
    I challenge you to start today. I challenge you to read food labels and become aware of what you are putting into your body. I challenge you to make the changes that you have always wanted to. It won’t be easy. Think about how long you have been set in your ways. Things are not going to change overnight. There is no such thing as a quick fix, only hard work and determination will be the deciding factor. The choices you make now are just your routines, whether good or bad these are what your used to. Studies show that it takes 16 weeks to develop a new routine. Only 16 weeks of your life and you can start to develop good healthy habits. So I challenge you, stop living in the moment, see through the fog and be aware of where you are headed. You might not care were you end up, but I guarantee someone does.

From Team Manager Dave Osterman:
    For only the 2nd time in my long career, I’ve had something stolen from our pit area.
ALL the teams big & small set up and leave plenty out throughout the season, both in SX and now MX.
    Security at many of these Professional events is marginal most of the time and that’s another issue in itself, but to arrive back to your rig on race day morning and find something missing that you’ve had out literally all season long stings plenty. Especially when it’s an item that’s not so easily replaced. Before I bill the powers that be I’m appealing to the masses that were there at High Point to:


    You can private message me on Vital (Ozzy) and I’ll gladly give you our American Honda address.



    Dave O.
    TwoTwo Motorsports


We started testing the 2014 KTM 250SXF. That’s Ryan Abbatoye testing the capabilities of the handlebars, grips and levers.

We also began testing the 2014 KTM 350SXF. That’s Daryl Ecklund checking to see how long the Dunlop tires will hold traction for before letting go.

McGrath will ride select events using Dubya USA built wheel sets featuring D.I.D ST-X rims.
[Press Release]

    Dubya USA has teamed up with MX/SX Legend Jeremy McGrath to run Dubya wheel sets laced to D.I.D’s ultra strong ST-X rims for select events and Sponsor Photo shoots.
    “I’m very excited to be working with Dubya,” said McGrath. “I’ve known John and Kristin since my amateur days, and I’m looking forward to using their wheel sets on my bikes for both racing and practice. Their stuff is the very best, and I am stoked to run it.”
    With a record seven AMA Supercross championships, an AMA Motocross championship, two FIM world championships and multiple X-Games medals under his belt, AMA Hall of Famer Jeremy McGrath is one of the most successful and influential figures in the motorcycling world. Dubya USA is proud to welcome Jeremy to the growing family of Dubya athletes.
    “Jeremy is a great guy to partner with, and having him use and trust our wheels is a real honor,” said company co-founder John Anderson. “His input will only help make our products even better for our customers and the teams we work with.”
    Visit to learn more about Dubya and its products. To get the latest updates on Jeremy and other Dubya athletes, you can visit their facebook page at, or follow @dubyausa on twitter or instagram.

Justin Barcia, Trey Canard, Ken Roczen and Andrew Short headline the event
[Press Release]

    As French fans gather around the beautiful Ern‚e track for the 2013 GP of France, they all hope that their favorite “tricolores” riders will successfully confront the GP stars?
In a few months, on November 8/9/10th, those same fans will gather in the heart of the French capital for the 31st edition of the famous Bercy classic. And, this time, their heroes will face a cohort of Supercross stars, coming straight from the US championship! And what a line-up this is promising to be?
American Honda’s stars
    The whole Team American Honda ?a supporter of the Paris Event since day 1- will be on hand, works bikes and all, under the supervision of Team Manager Dan BETLEY.  
Both Justin BARCIA and Trey CANARD have 250 titles on their hands, both have won 450 SX championship races, both share super-exciting riding styles and charismatic personalities (albeit of a different kind)…
    BARCIA has knowledge of this very particular event and already a King of Bercy crown to his credit.
    CANARD is one of the most incredible come-back stories ever, after his horrific early 2012 crash, and he is eager to discover Paris and racing overseas at the same time!
So, Honda looks as strong as ever for Bercy honours but? so does KTM.
K-ROC, the “phenomenon”
     It is no secret that the Austrian brand wants to add Supercross domination to its already established worldwide Motocross domination and, so far, the incredible Ken ROCZEN has been the most efficient weapon in the “Orange” toolbox, under the masterful management of Roger DECOSTER, at Factory KTM USA.
    As the reigning 250 West Coast Champion, “K-Roc” will come back on European turf a much more experienced SX rider than he ever was, indeed. Kenny has been scheduled several times to race Bercy (going back to when he was 12 years-old!) but was never able to make it to the grass-covered stadium, by the shore of the Seine river?
For the German star, who will move up to the 450 class in 2014, Bercy will also be a serious test on the “big bike”. And, to make this test a success, Ken hopes to be supported by many of his fans from his not-so-distant, native Germany !
    Also on an orange KTM (from the BTO Sports team), Andrew SHORT will look like the “old man” in a pool of hungry youngsters. But Andrew has also won a 450 SX (last year) and he is a two-time King of Bercy, meaning he knows (and loves!) that place more than anyone. Final seventh on the “deepest-talent filled SX championship ever” ?with a change of bike brand half-way through- “Shorty” will be a contender at Bercy. Guaranteed.
America vs France : Paulin takes up the challenge !
    But this Event’s magical chemistry has always come from the confrontation between stars from the US and the sometimes incredible (and always ultra-motivated) “local” talent.
This time, the challenge of “mixing-it-up-with-the-AMA-racers-and-going-for-an-upset” will be taken up by several “Frenchies” but the leader of this squad will undoubtly be? Gautier PAULIN!
    The top MX1 French racer and Kawasaki KRT star is determined to make a serious assault on Supercross this fall. “I will have a new private SX track built, there will be technical cooperation between Team Kawasaki USA and my Team KRT on SX settings, and I will go to the US to train and race the Monster Energy Cup in Vegas, a few weeks before Bercy. I love SX and I love Bercy, I just never had such a good opportunity to prepare for it in perfect conditions. This is a very motivating challenge and I believe I can surprise a lot of people!”, says the French champion, currently second in the MX1 class, with two 2013 GP wins?
    Other, more SX-experienced French riders will, as always, give it all for the knowledgeable, 35,000 fans expected to fill Bercy stadium to full capacity, three nights in a row?
    Greg ARANDA (Kawasaki Bud Racing) , the furious speedster who already won one night in Paris (and is the “Superpole” specialist), for instance
    Or Cedric SOUBEYRAS (Honda HDI), or Fabien IZOIRD (SR Suzuki), both multi-time European SX Champions, or Cyrille COULON (Suzuki), all former podium finishers at Bercy?
A top FMX show as well
    Bercy is also a major Freestyle Show and this edition will no doubtly be marked by the shining of Thomas PAGES, currently considered as the best, most innovative freestyler rider in the World. The French hero will be joined, as always, by his highly-talented group of friends, which will be announced in the coming weeks.
“So much talent !”
    Xavier Audouard, Sports Director for the Event, sums it up : “it has been years, more than a decade for sure, since we’ve been able to present such a line-up to our fans”…
    “I mean Barcia, Roczen, Canard, Paulin, Short (and the list is not over + don’t forget the Freestylers)? there is so much talent in that list that the racing will, for sure, be fantastic!”
    “Teams, starting with Honda and KTM, have been very supportive and I want to specifically thank them for that”.
    “Yes this is a time of crisis but in such times, people need to be entertained by great shows and we are trying to deliver just that?”
31st Paris-Bercy Supercross
Where : Palais-Omnisport de Paris-Bercy (POPB), Paris, France
When : November 8, 9, 10th (same program every night)
Official site / tickets / Gold Passes :
Facebook :
Twitter :
Newsletter :

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