As a photographer I don’t ask much from the MXA test riders?they must only risk life and limb to sacrifice themselves for the good of the shot and, in turn, the magazine. Although we’ve just begun testing the 2014 KTM 150SX two-stroke, we had a close call in the very first turn. That’s Trent Pugmire burying ‘er deep for the sake of a cool shot. Fortunately Pug rode away unscathed, but as you’ll see from shot number three in this sequence he nearly punched himself in the face.

The sweet, sweet sound of a two-stroke ripping up terra firma!


    With the success of Yoshimura’s RS-9 dual muffler exhaust system and the 2013 CRF450R used by the Muscle Milk Honda factory team, it’s only natural that we carry over the same technology for the all new 2014 CRF250R that will set the standard again for all others to follow.
    The Honda CRF250R’s new dual-muffler configuration allowed Yoshimura to take advantage of the mass centralization and maximum performance while keeping the RS-9 system well within AMA regulated sound levels. The RS-9’s uniquely sculpted carbon fiber end-caps feature a Tunable Insert System that allows you to fine-tune power delivery and decibel levels to your wants and needs. And the RS-9 Dual is AMA Amateur sound legal – right out of the box.
    The RS-9’s parallelogram-shaped muffler body increases muffler volume over the stock system, which results in better throttle response and improved sound quality. The dual setup also allowed Yoshimura to position the mufflers closer to the bike’s center of gravity, which results in better handling.
It should also come with a trophy case.

2014 Honda CRF250 RS-9 Pricing:
    Slip-On Stainless-Aluminum-Carbon Fiber End Caps: MSRP: $725.00
    Full System Stainless-Aluminum-Carbon Fiber End Caps: MSRP: $895.00
    Full System Titanium-Titanium-Carbon Fiber End Caps: MSRP: $1395.00
    Full System  Titanium-Carbon Fiber-Carbon Fiber End Caps: MSRP: $1495.00


    What always makes the last couple AMA motocross Nationals so interesting is the inclusion of the standout amateurs fresh off the biggest amateur motocross championship at Loretta Lynn’s. One of those riders is Texas native Matt Biscegiia. Not only did Matt win two championships at Loretta’s, he also earned the AMA Horizon Award, as well as a factory Geico Honda ride! We recently caught up with Matt to get his thoughts on turning pro.

By Jim Kimball

MXA: Matt, let’s first hear about Loretta Lynn’s, and capping off your amateur career.
Matt: Yeah, Loretta’s finished off my amateur career exactly the way that I wanted it to. It was awesome to get the AMA Horizon Award, and to get the two titles I was going after. I was super happy with it, and it definitely was a good send-off into the pros.

Racing is racing, but you only had a week to prepare for your pro debut. Was it enough time?
It was pretty crazy coming into Unadilla. I wasn’t very comfortable. It was a completely different bike, and definitely a different schedule, not to mention the Unadilla track. I had never ridden anything like that. Then of course you are also racing a completely different set of competitors. So it was crazy for sure, and the comfort level just wasn’t there. But I knew that I could build from there, and I went home and did some work. I’ve felt a little bit better and stronger since New York.

Being that you are from Texas, I would have to imagine that you weren’t very familiar with the tracks that make up the last couple Nationals.
Yeah, they have all been pretty different. Unadilla was pretty remote, and difficult to get to the track. Miller Motorsports was in the desert, and very dry and windy. Lake Elsinore has been different in its own way, too. It’s just different, and a little bit hard to explain. It’s been a learning curve, but I am having a lot of fun, and very glad to be here!

Have you felt much pressure to perform?
I really wanted to do well and get a couple of top tens. Unfortunately that did not happen (note: Matt’s best overall finish was 16th at Lake Elsinore). I haven’t really felt any pressure from the team, but I did put pressure on myself to do well?I want to do well for myself.

So now with motocross over, what do you have planned?
Working towards Supercross in 2014, although first my girlfriend and I will take a little vacation in Hawaii. After I get back home I’ll probably spend a few weeks of easy riding with my friends, then go hit Supercross hard. Hopefully I’ll be doing the east coast series, which will give me a bit more time, and I may be better due to the east coast dirt.
Watch Tony Cairoli eat Clement Desalle’s roost for a lap and then fast-forward as Cairoli wins the race and his seventh GP title. As you’ll see, winning titles doesn’t get old for the Italian stallion.

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No twerking here. Just business…although Adam does have an Instagram account (follow him @adamcianciarulo).

    What did you do for free time when you were 16 years old? Use your freshly minted license and drive to the grocery store and spend your mother’s lucre on all the Slim Jim’s, gummy bears, Mountain Dew and Ho-Ho’s that you could stuff in your face? Maybe hang out with friends at a lake and talk about school? Perhaps you spent your waking hours playing video games. Maybe you’re replaying the VMA’s and watching a desperate Miley Cyrus “twerking” it and subsequently grenading in front of millions of people.
    Adam Cianciarulo, professional racer, is doing none of the above. Instead of kicking back and doing what normal teenagers do. He’s not taking a vacation (in his own words, “I’m 16 years old. If I need a vacation then I have a problem.”). Instead he’s taking some time off the bike and building up to what he hopes will be a prosperous 2014 season. On this day he was logging lap times for his buddy, Zac Commans, and doing pit board duty. So the next time you eat a Laffy Taffy or guzzle a soda, think of Adam Cianciarulo, because he’s not doing that. Although you might see him at Chipotle if you’re lucky.



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By Daryl Ecklund

    The two recently crowned outdoor National Champions will meet on the race track here soon enough, as Eli Tomac will be moving up to the 450 class and continue riding for the Geico Honda team. This is old news, yes, but how will he fare against the seasoned veterans of the class? Will he be able to run with the Ryans, or will he get lost in the pack in his rookie year? Is he physically capable of running up front? Yes, I believe so, but so are a lot of other guys. Many of the top riders have the talent and work ethic to win, but there are many other factors in becoming a champion that come into play.

    Ryan Villopoto’s Monster Kawasaki factory team: When the Kawasaki semi open it’s trailer doors all you see are a plethora of number one plates. This team has what it takes to provide a rider with the necessary tools to bring home the number one plate. I have to say that Ryan’s bike looked like the best handling machine on the track in his class this season. Villopoto started with a great base package, as the KX450F has been our shootout winner for the last couple of years. Ryan is always pushing his limits, with the bike allowing him to do so he’s able to build confidence every time he swings his leg over the bike. The bike, the history, his meticulous mechanic, Mike Williamson, and the rest of the Kawi crew gel together.

Eli Tomac’s Gieco Honda team: Eli wants to win, that’s for sure. The Geico Honda team has established itself as a championship winner throughout the years, but only in the 250 class. Although they have served the crowd favorites of Kevin Windham and Mike LaRocco, they have never had the pressure of growing a potential 450 future champion. Do I doubt them? Not at all. I feel that the team has the resources, as well as factory support, but there will be some bumps along the road.

Body and mind:
    Ryan’s body biomechanics are on point. Good body function is hard to achieve when you’re consistently beating your body up from all the riding. It takes a lot of rehab work, stretching and massage therapy in order to allow your body to function at an optimum level. You can see this when he rides. His body is flexible in the hips and hamstrings as he can stretch across the entire bike when charging into a corner. His back is straight, shoulders are back, and his feet are in and on the balls of his feet. His biomechanics allow his riding style to be almost flawless.
    We would all like to have a peek into the stone cold mind of Ryan, but we will just have assume from what we see on the track. Ryan is human and he does faulter, but when he does he just puts his head down and always makes the most of what he has to work with.

    Eli has probably one of the best coaches on the market, and lucky for him it’s his dad, John Tomac. John is a decorated downhill mountain bike champion and has groomed Eli to be a champion since his was in diapers. He has made an emphasis on being extremely fit and using proper riding technique. I see only one flaw in Eli’s body function which can hinder him on the track, and that is how he rounds his back. I feel this is from an excess of cycling, as you are always in that crouched position, which causes the shoulders to roll forward allowing the back to round. This is something that can easily be fixed with some corrective exercises as Chad Reed had the same issue just a few years back.
    When Eli is having an “ON” day he is just about unstoppable. He has topped the fastest lap in both classes at a few Nationals this year, which is nothing but impressive. I know that the 450 guys are threatened by Eli, but only if he can find a consistent flow of those “ON” days.
    You might think that I’m doubting Eli. Every rookie has his ups and downs. It is how that rookie deals with those downs that will determine his future. If Eli can keep his head up in his down times, I feel he will be a future 450 champion. Eli may not give Villopoto a run for his money next year, but for the years to come the veterans better keep an eye out for him.


    I think it’s valid to document what the MXA wrecking crew is doing from time time. That way you know that we’re out at the tracks, riding and testing. As you noticed above, we began testing the 2014 KTM 150SX this past Thursday.
    There wasn’t an REM race this weekend, so we went riding at a variety of tracks over the weekend. Monday brought schedule planning, which set us up for test riding Adam Cianciarulo’s Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki KX250F on Tuesday. How was the bike? Exceptional. Stupendous. Superb. Daryl Ecklund did much of the riding (don’t be confused by the “Basher” name on the back of the jersey in the photo above, although feel free to think that I can whip like that). We also filmed a video of the test, which will be coming out in a few days.

Dennis Stapleton discusses riding technique with two of his pupils from Kuwait.

    Dennis Stapleton made his return to the moto fold on Tuesday, some four months after he took a spill surfing and tore his shoulder up. Needless to say, don’t expect to see Dennis surfing again any time soon. Check out his sweet KTM 450SXF below. He also has a number of foreigners in town, including Robin Charrasse, whose family owns a motocross track in St. Martin. Other guests include two riders from Kuwait. See everyone out at the track!


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Jeremy Martin spent a lot of time on the brand new Yamaha YZ250F on Tuesday at Milestone.

Here, Jeremy tests suspension. It looks a bit soft to me.

It’s very cool to see a race team and rider committed to making the best bike possible. That’s what the Myplash/Star Racing Yamaha team is doing. They’re getting a jump start on 2014. Expect big things from Martin and the team when next year rolls around.


    Dubach Racing Development (DR.D) is now accepting Rider Support Applications for the 2014 racing season. DR.D is looking for qualified Motocross, Freestyle, ATV, and Off-Road athletes that want to take their program to the “Next Step”. All skill levels and ages are encouraged to apply.
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