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    John Ker snapped these shots of Daryl Ecklund (CRF250) and Dennis Stapleton (CRF450) this past week during Honda’s 2014 model introduction at Chaney Ranch. Look for reviews of these bikes in the December issue.


    Today is an exciting day. Why? It marks the completion of MXA‘s fleet of 450 four-strokes for 2014, meaning that the 450 shootout is just around the corner. Today we’re testing the ’14 Suzuki RM-Z450, and tomorrow we’ll pit the zonker against the rest of the 450 field in preparation for the shootout. Truth be told, we don’t merely pick one day where we ride all of the bikes and decide a winner. Nope. We’ve been riding and racing these bikes for months, often swapping brands between motos. Our 450 Shootout day will be used as an opportunity to shoot action photos and video of the fleet together. Yes, our test riders will then keep switching brands until they’ve had their fill for the very long day. When the dust finally settles and the sun has set, our thoughts should be reaffirmed by the gaggle of testers. And you, dear friend, will be able to read the fruits of our labor in the not-too-distant future. Why? Come on, weren’t you paying attention? We’re riding the Suzuki RM-Z450 today!



    For some professional racers, having a significant other can be instrumental to their success. Judging by Tony Cairoli, he had better thank the woman in his corner, Jill Cox, for standing by her man. Jill is from Holland, met Cairoli when she was young, and they’ve been together for over six years. Hear what Tony’s better half has to say about the King of European motocross.

Interview and photos by Massimo Zanzani

MXA: How did you become interested in motocross?
Jill: My brother and father raced motocross. My father was a really good side-car racer. He was a European champion. After that he started working and he didn’t have much more of a career, but I was into motocross. That’s how I got to know Tony. We were friends for a really long time before we started dating.

How did you meet Tony?
We met at a Grand Prix race. It’s funny, because he would always take photos of me using cameras from photographers [laughter]. In 2005 he won the title in Lierop, and I went up to him and congratulated him, but he was so shy that he couldn’t talk to me. I thought that he was a strange guy. He also didn’t speak English. Shortly after that he learned how to speak English, and we became friends.

How long have you and Tony been a couple?
We have been together for more than six years. We first had contact by email, and he would send me really sweet letters. Of course they had to be translated, which I should give a big thanks to Google translator for that! We then saw each other through friends, but I was a bit afraid of him. He was a motocross rider and he was Italian. My poppa said that I couldn’t come home with a guy who raced motocross, had tattoos or wore earrings. Tony has all three! I was a little bit scared of how my poppa would receive him, but Tony is such a nice guy. Then I fell in love with him.

How is Tony as a person?
Tony is really funny. He makes me smile so much. He’s also a really good family guy. He takes care of his family, not only financially, but in every way. He treats them with a lot of respect.

What was the biggest challenge in dating Tony?
The language was something I thought would be a problem, but it really wasn’t an issue. Now I speak Italian with his family. In the beginning I couldn’t. That was the biggest challenge.

It must not be easy being Tony’s girlfriend.
To me it was never difficult. I prefer that he is in the spotlight and I’m in the background. I really understood from the first day that I had to share Tony with everyone. It has never been a problem for me. He’s part of this amazing family in Europe.

What’s the future looking like for you and Tony?
In the future we are going to live in Rome. Tony will want to live in Italy for sure. As for me, the weather in Italy is much better than it is in my home country of Holland. The food is great and the people are also very nice. Rome has an international feel to it, while Sicily is an island and it’s isolated from the rest of the world. Rome is our home.

How do you help Tony?
I do everything around Tony to take work off his shoulders. From simple things, like doing the emailing, to being at the races and having people talk to me to arrange interviews with Tony, I do quite a bit.

Does Tony talk to you about the races?
No, not so much. Otherwise he would talk about motocross all of the time. He’ll only ask whether he looks good on the bike, and if his style is ok. I do see a difference. For example, at Loket he didn’t look so good.

Are kids in your future?
We talk about children, but not yet. We travel like crazy.

When do you think Tony will stop racing, and when he’s done racing what do you foresee him doing?
I don’t know when he’s going to stop, because he’s not thinking about stopping soon. He still has a lot of passion. After that I think he’ll do something with the team. He likes to travel, go to the races, and make decisions. I think his dream would be to be the boss of a team.

So what you’re saying is that being Tony Cairoli’s significant other is very nice.
I think I live in a dream. I never go on a plane before I was 17. I had never seen a palm tree before I was 17. I didn’t see the sea before I was 12. Now I’m going to live in front of the sea in Rome, I’m flying all over the world, and I have 28 palm trees at the new house. I think that Tony makes my dream. Now I’m going to all these crazy countries. I’m living a dream.


By Daryl Ecklund

    I enjoy reading. I would say I read a lot. But I have never to this day read a fiction book out of what I had to in high school. Even then I just found the spark notes on fiction books because they just did not interest me. If I am going to spend my time reading I want to learn something. So I spend my time reading health and fitness, self-improvement, and dabble in business and time management books. I read these books because I either want to learn how to improve my weaknesses or improve upon what I’m interested in.
    As I read through the pages of all these books more times than none I get a feeling of encouragement. I feel I have learned something either about myself or something that will benefit me in the future. I get excited! I get excited to use this newly found information and improve in a certain facet of my life. As I always tend to read at night and try to implement what I have learned the next morning.
    To tell you the truth, I am not a morning person. When the morning rolls around for some reason the excitement from the night before has faded and the implementation has been pushed to the next day. Sometimes I feel like I would be better off not learning all this information. Of course I want to improve upon myself but I at times get overwhelmed with what I have learned.
    Knowing that it’s better for me to drink purified water out of a glass container rather than a plastic bottle, cooking my food under a flame instead of microwaving it, or having a consistent sleep cycle that will improve my morning mood are things I still struggle with and get mad at myself for repeating. And I know thousands of other facts that could just drive me crazy, and sometimes they do!
    What am I getting at? We all have a general base of knowledge to make good rational choices. We know that eating a McDonald’s quarter pounder day in and day out will lead to weight gain and possible disease down the road, but we still do it. We know sitting in front of a TV screen for hours on end is not good for us!  And a lot of times when we know these things but still give into the guilty pleasure we get down on ourselves, which just leads to more frustration and bad decisions.
    I know, I need to take my own advice. It is hard at times! Sometimes we just need to slow down in life and figure out what really matters most to us and start there. What I have learned about myself is that I try to shove a millions things down a tiny hole at once. The hole gets clogged and I become overwhelmed. Taking one small step at a time has been the key to my improvement. I still struggle with this every day, but as long as I keep positive I can keep moving in the right direction. Stay positive, stay strong, and keep moving on!    

DeSign Studio allows you to customize your kit in your choice of colors with a live preview showing you the look as you go.

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    DeSign Studio allows you to customize your kit in your choice of colors with a live preview showing you the look as you go. With each click, the large bike image on the screen changes appearance and provides the option of clicking back to change color or clicking forward to save, moving to the next selection
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The Germans might as well kiss the Chamberlain Trophy goodbye

Cotton candy takes the cake!

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    Rockstar Suzuki used these mats throughout the 2013 outdoor season with great results.  
    Made from oil, gas and chemical resistant PVC rubber.
    Direct printed and treated with oil, gas and chemical resistant ink.
    Comes complete with netted bag and rolls up for easy transport.
    Full 3FT x 7FT race size.    
     Available in the following team models; Rockstar, Honda, 22 Motosports, and JGR
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