By Broc Bridges

1. Marvin Musquin earned his second career 450MX class victory with his first ever 450MX Class sweep by going 1-1 at Spring Creek. It was his first overall win since he went 1-3 at Glen Helen in round two. The victory was KTM’s 34th overall 450MX Class win, and KTM and Kawasaki are now tied with four overalls a piece on the season.
2. Musquin has finished on the podium in nine of 16 motos.
3. Dean Wilson, a week after earning his first career 450MX Class podium with a 6-3 overall finish putting him in third, rode to an impressive 3-3 ride to propel him to his first career runner-up finish in the class. Wilson has now finished third in the last three motos and sits comfortably in fourth in the standings.

4. In the second 450MX Class moto, Musquin, Blake Baggett, Wilson and Martin Davalos combined to put four European brand bikes in the top five. With Wilson finishing on the overall podium, European brand bikes have now taken two of three podiums spots in seven consecutive races.
5. 17 of the possible 24 overall podium spots have been occupied by riders on European brand bikes.
6. Eli Tomac earned his 24th career 450MX Class podium with a 2-5 overall day that put him in third.

7. Tomac had a bad start in moto one and an early crash in moto two, but was still able to go home with a 20 point lead in the championship over Baggett. The podium was Tomac’s fifth on the season.
8. Blake Baggett went 6-2 for a fourth overall finish. Baggett hasn’t finished worse than fourth overall this season since his sixth place finish in the opener.
9. Baggett and Wilson remain the only two riders with a top-10 finish in all 16 motos so far this season in the 450MX Class.

10. With Washougal next, Eli Tomac looks to repeat his success from last season when he went 2-1 for the overall victory. Musquin also is looking to become the first KTM rider to win Washougal in the 250MX and 450MX Classes. Since 2012, KTM has won three and Kawasaki has won two Washougal overalls.
11. Joey Savatgy earned his fourth career 250MX Class win by going 1-2 in Washougal. It was his second win of the season and first since round three in Colorado. Kawasaki had not won Millville since Tyla Rattray took the checkers in 2011.
12. Savatgy sits fourth in the points, 34 points behind Jeremy Martin who sits in third.

13. The victory was Kawasaki’s 149th 250MX Class win of all-time. This is the most ever.
14. Zach Osborne continues to lead the point standings, as he went 8-1 in Spring Creek. The moto win was his seventh of the season and the third place overall finish was his seventh podium.
15. Osborne and Alex Martin are the only two riders to have a top-10 finish in all 16 motos.

Photos by Scott Mallonee

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