Twofer: Cole Seely will fill in for Trey Canard and Justin Barcia.

Both Dean Wilson and Cole Seely will move up to the 450 class this weekend. For Supercross this is a good move:

(1) The fans get to see two guys, Wilson and Seely, who would normally be sitting at home baking brownies off the couch and back racing.

(2) Any rider worth his weight in salt wants to get out of the 250 East/West series. It pays peanuts and is subject to the constant arrival or “Next Big Things.” It is possible that Seely and Wilson could go on racing in the 250 class for the rest of their lives—but that requires taking dives and counting points. But, in reality, they are going to be forced out sooner rather than later. By racing in the 450 class they get to show what they can do and grab for the brass ring (in a class where the big money is).

At long last love: Dean Wilson tried to go to Chad’s team a couple times in th past.

(3) Team Honda is effectively out of business if they don’t find fill-in riders. With Honda’s Trey Canard and Justin Barcia out of action (and Canard probably not coming back any time soon), Honda had to kick one of the Troy Lee or Geico guys upstairs…or see how good their mechanics are at making brownies.

(4) Meanwhile, Chad’s Two Two Motorsports team personnel are already experts at making brownies—because Chad has left them with nothing to do for big chunks of time over the last couple years. Luckily, Chad has a willing participant in Dean Wilson (and the blessing of Pro Circuit’s Mitch Payton). Dean tried to get to the 450 class last year (until the Jeff Ward team folded before they handed him the reported $825,000 check). Wilson had to scramble to get back to the 250 class to get a ride—so, for Dean, the Two Two gig is fate fulfilled.

(5) There are implications involved in moving up to the 450 class for Wilson and Seely—both are still in the running to win the 2014 AMA 250 West Supercross Championship. Seely is only four points behind leader Jason Anderson, while Wilson is fourth in the standings (33 points back with three races left). It is true that Cole or Dean could get hurt riding unfamiliar bikes against unfamiliar riders. However, if you look at 2014’s really long injury list—you will note that most of these riders have been hurt practicing—not racing. Thus, maybe Seely and Wilson will be safer than their stay-at-home 250 teammates.

(6) You have to assume that both Wilson’s and Seely’s agents are smacking their lips at potential openings for 2015. It is assumed that both Team Kawasaki and Team Honda will be making big moves for next year. Barring breakout performances in the 2014 AMA 450 National for Jake Weimer, Justin Barcia or Trey Canard, they are the riders who jobs are on the line. Strong performances by Seely or Wilson could get them one of the top-line spots.

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