Jason Anderson has become a fan favorite over the last few years. His social media presence the way he interacts with fans is different than the average Pro rider, instead of talking about how much work he does during the week, Jason lets his results do the talking.  

Eli Tomac took the overall in the 450 class with 1-2 moto finishes, Jason Anderson was second with 2-4 moto finishes, and Marvin Musquin took the final podium spot with 7-1 moto finishes. It was after the press conference when we tracked down Rockstar Energy/Husqvarna’s Jason Anderson while he was headed to his rental car. In a hurry to make his flight, El Hombre still took a few minutes to share his thoughts on the day and the series in whole as he is currently fourth in points. 


JASON, LETS BEGIN WITH YOUR FINISH AT RED BUD.  2 4 SCORES GAVE YOU SECOND OVERALL. Yes, it’s very competitive. We are swapping motos, and it is crazy because everyone is fast enough. If you get a good start, anyone of the top five can win a moto, no problem. So, between Eli Tomac, Marvin Musquin, myself, Cooper Webb, Kenny Roczen and Zach (Osborne), we all can win. It is a bummer that Zach was out today, but for sure, anyone can win, so it is pretty crazy.

Jason Anderson has been on the podium three times this summer, but he is still looking for his first ever 450 AMA National overall win.

YOU TRAIN  IN FLORIDA, WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY HOT AND HUMID, AND IT WAS HUMID AT RED BUD. HOW ARE YOU FEELING? I’m feeling good, but definitely, I have been on vacation most of the last few summers, so it is a shock to the system to be out here racing. But I have always wanted to be out here. I love racing the Outdoors, and I’m just trying to get better and better as the weeks go on.

Jason gets a ride back from the Red Bud podium with Rockstar Husqvarna’s Sean Murphy.

ARE YOU SURPRISED THAT YOU DON’T HAVE A 450 OUTDOOR OVERALL YET? I think the biggest part is just that I have not had enough time to really get one because every time I start doing good, I get hurt or something like that. But for the past three years that I have raced Outdoors, I have never been outside the top five. Even this year, I have not been outside the top five, so I am good, but it is just getting to that next level of taking a win. I have not really had the ability to put the time and effort into getting it previously. I think if I could keep healthy for the next few seasons, the wins will come.

Jason Anderson has a great attitude about his current status. He is focusing on doing his best and not worrying about the rest. In racing, that’s the most efficient way to improve. 

OBVIOUSLY, YOU WANT TO WIN, YOU ARE A RACER, BUT I DON’T BELIEVE NOT HAVING A WIN YET, IS NECESSARILY STRESSING YOU OUT. No it’s not, but my goal every time I line up on the gate is to go as fast as I can. It’s to get a good start and battle those guys, that is it.

ARE YOU AT A POINT NOW FROM DOING THE CIRCUIT SO LONG WHERE YOU HAVE GOOD TRACKS AND BAD TRACKS? I feel like I am pretty much the same at most of them. Last weekend at Southwick I had a tough weekend, but that was more physical than it was riding wise. I am getting better from track to track, as each location has its own character and changes, but we will see how it goes.

Jason leads his training partner Cooper Webb around the RedBud track.

ANY TRACKS COMING UP THAT YOU REALLY ENJOY? I like Millville. I got my first podium ever at Millville on a Suzuki RM-Z250, so I really like that place, and then I like Budds Creek. Millville and Budds Creek are probably two of my favorite ones, so we still have those left on the schedule.

YOU HAVE BEEN THE LONE RANGER TO A DEGREE ON THE 450 HUSQVARNA TEAM, AND ALTHOUGH HE MISSED RED BUD, ZACH OSBORNE IS AT YOUR LEVEL, WHAT IS THAT LIKE? It is cool, because Zach is definitely ripping, he meets me at my level. We are friends, so it is great to see him do so well, plus we can talk about the tracks to each other.


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