It may have been a bit easy to overlook JGR Suzuki’s Weston Peick heading into Anaheim 1 2018 version, after all its been a long, long time since he raced Supercross. But the California native served notice that he is back, and ready for more. Weston utilized a decent start, and ran up near the front of the pack the entire main event, never flinching. During his ride to fifth, Peick was able to realize a couple small things that needed working on. I have no doubt he will continue to improve, and get back on the podium as he did in 2015, in his first season as a full on factory JGR rider. Peick looked good in Supercross last year, and seemed destined for podiums. But one small miscalculation at the Phoenix Supercross sidelined him for the rest of the season. We tracked down Weston after the formal press conferences were over, to capture his thoughts on an exciting main event.


WESTON THAT WAS A REALLY SOLID MAIN, ESPECIALLY WITH THE LONG TIME IT’S BEEN SINCE YOU RACED SUPERCROSS. Yes, I think so; you know it has been almost one year since I raced Supercross. I got hurt at the end of January last year, so it has been almost about a year, and it feels really good to get back on a Supercross track. I love Supercross a lot more than outdoors, and it is what comes natural more to me. So with the whole injury thing from last season, it was a bummer. But you know, I recovered, and I am finally back out here.

DO YOU FEEL GOOD GOING INTO THE REST OF THE SEASON? Yes I do. The whole team this year had been phenomenal with the off-season prep that we have had, and with the whole Factory Suzuki support this year. It has been almost too easy, you know with parts, how the bike is working, the support I have had, and the confidence I have had now with people we are working with. So it has been awesome to work with people like that, and to just know that when I get on my bike every time, it is 100% and they are 100% behind me. So obviously with my 5th place tonight it was telling how good things have been going. It is just one of those things were every weekend we are going to make more progress, work our way up to the podium, and then from there win.  I am just working on things, and small pieces at a time. We got 17 rounds and I am going to just try to carry those points.

The whole team this year had been phenomenal with the off-season prep that we have had, and with the whole Factory Suzuki support this year. 

IN SPITE OF BEING ON THE SAME TEAM AND THE SAME BRAND AS 2017, I IMAGINE THERE HAS BEEN A LOT OF CHANGES? Yes, I would not say it’s been a complete makeover, but it has been a big change. We have added twice the staff on our team over at JGR.  A lot of people had to fly from California to North Carolina to move there to work on the JGR side. It has been a huge change, but like I said, everybody likes change at times, and sometimes change is good.  Obviously to this point, change has been good, nobody is complaining, and I think everybody is on the right track.  

WHEN YOU FIRST JOINED JGR AS A FACTORY RIDER A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO, YOU GOT A PODIUM RIGHT? My first podium was in 2015 for JGR. But early in the season I was in 3rd place at only my 3rd round at Phoenix. I broke my foot with two laps to go and I had to let Dungey by, so I just missed being in position for a podium. I had that one almost, but I ended up getting surgery on my foot, before coming back at the end of the season. Then I podiumed in Santa Clara, and then in Vegas to round out the Supercross season. So my first podiums were at the back end of the 2015 Supercross season.

AS FAR AS GETTING ON THE PODIUM IN THE NEXT 3 – 5 RACES HOW DO YOU FEEL? I feel great; with my speed that I had tonight with what I know I have to work on is basic stuff. So with putting myself in a position to get good starts like I did tonight, I don’t see a problem being up on the podium.

With putting myself in a position to get good starts like I did tonight, I don’t see a problem being up on the podium. 

CAN YOU ELABORATE ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE TO WORK ON? Not really, I don’t want to really say, but it is just little things here and there, that you can do to get over the top of the competition. It is just something you have to go to the drawing board and figure out. Like I said it is small things that are going to make a difference. Obviously it is a long season, and we have plenty of time to get up there.

YOUR FITNESS IS GOOD, SO IT COULD BE JUST A LITTLE MOTORCYCLE TWEAKING TO DO? Like I said, it is a new model. It is the first race, and it is my first Supercross race since last year. As I mentioned it has been almost an entire year since I have raced Supercross. Anaheim 1 was just one of those races where I was cautious and safe, but at the same time with good speed. I was not on the edge like some of these guys were tonight, but that is the first round. You know, they can do what they can do, and at the end of the season, we will see who is on top.

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