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X-Helium black/ yellow fluo.

Blending the best technical features of a pure moto boot with the more specialized needs of an enduro rider or a dual-sporter, TCX elevates the off-road arena with the 2017 X-Helium. From the trick top buckle to the bottom of its exclusive Michelin MX Hybrid sole, the X-Helium lives up to the company’s “Focus On Boots” motto. And unlike its predecessor, the X-Helium 2.0 is available in more than just black and white: Fluorescent Yellow joins the colorways.

X-Helium black.

To elevate the boot, TCX focused on the best selling 1.1 Pro and upped the spec while keeping the price down. Building on the best features of the earlier Pro model, the X-Helium gets what have been referred to as “the best buckles in the business.” The buckles are ergonomically designed for easier opening, even with gloves on. Micro-adjustability means the boots fit like they were tailor made for each rider. Should anything ever happen, the aluminum buckles are also fully interchangeable.

X-Helium white/black.

Heart and soul of any TCX competition boot is their Michelin sole. The “X” benefits from a Michelin MX Hybrid sole specifically designed to combine grip, traction and stability. Michelin’s engineers were inspired by their Multiway 3D Tire combining micro-grroves for water evacuation with macro-wipes in the rear for multi-directional traction. Meanwhile the red portion is made of the same incredibly long-wearing high-durometer material used on the TCX Comp EVO. Bottom line: Top-shelf features, mid-point price and a great sole on the bottom make for the best all-around off-road boot on the market top to bottom. It also represents the best bang for the buck, priced nearly $300 less than the moto-focused Comp EVO. Available colors: White, Black, Black/Yellow Fluorescent in sizes 5 through 14. MSRP: $289.99. Contact


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