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Jessy Nelson spoke to the gathered throng about his recovery and thanked everyone for their support.

The 2017 MXA ride day was a success. It might have been a bit brisk for our liking, but nonetheless A who’s who’s of the motocross industry came out and had a great time. Throw in a few motocross legends and generous companiess who donated product and caring who gave money to support Jessy Nelson’s recovery. A day at the track for the MXA wrecking crew wouldn’t be complete without doing some testing. We focused on dialing the 2017 Honda CRF450 suspension in with Bones Bacon of Pro Circuit and tried a few FMF exhausts.

We need to thank Glen Helen’s Lori Wilson for making the track available in the middle of a very busy week (with a Police/Fire race, MXA’s Ride Day, Thursday practice, Saturday’s Kurt Caselli Ride Day, Saturday’s REM race, Sunday’s Kyle Yarnell Memorial Team race and Sunday’s SRA Toys For Tots GP). Special thanks to Glen Helen’s John Allen for getting the USGP track in shape and for prepping the REM track to handle the overflow. And of course, Tom White, who emcee’d the event.

We found a refurbished 1981 Husqvarna 125WR in the pits.

After schmoozing with the many people that came far and wide for the MXA Ride Day, Jody Weisel (above), Dennis Stapleton and Daryl Ecklund saddled up to run more tests on the 2017 Honda CRF450. Of course, we let as many people ride the test bike as possible.

Former Chad Reed mechanic Alan Olson (left), MXA’s Dennis Stapleton (center) and Jim “Bones” Bacon (right) talk about suspension adjustments on the CRF450 on the side of the Glen Helen track.

Two-stroke guru, Dick Wilk, was working hard helping riders dial in their new two-stroke KTMs and Huskys.

Six-time AMA motocross champ Broc Glover (left) enamored the crowd with one of his racing stories while being interviewed by Robb Mesecher.

Troy Lee was in attendance to support Jessy.

Former Supercross champ, 125 Champ and four-time MXDN Champ Johnny O’Mara chats with Zap Espinoza.

Suzuki press relation head Tim Olson shares a joke with his father Alan Olson. The elder Olson was a factory mechanic and nine-time World Vet Champion. Today he’s a golf duffer with a hitch in his backswing, a crick in his neck and a twitch in his get-along.

The lunch line was worth the wait. Lunch was served in the Glen Helen Museum along with an auction to help Jessy Nelson. All funds, from the T-shirts to the blind auction to donations, were given 100% to Jessy Nelson.

N2Dirt Suspension’s Brian Bolding was on hand to help out riders with their bikes. Brian is an REM regular and races every week.

10-time National Trials Champion Geoff Aaron talks while we look at the back of Ron Lawson’s head.

It was nice to see an old-school Honda CR500 rip up the track.

Johnny O and Troy Lee trade old war stories over Troy’s personal KTM. Troy runs KTM factory-backed 250 effort.

Dunlop’s Jay Clark is seen here chatting with four-time 250 National motocross champion Gary Jones. Gary came out with son Justin, who just won the Baja 1000, to support the cause. Jay volunteered to mount any tires that riders bought at the auction for free.

6D Helmets Robert Reisinger got landed on, or maybe he landed on someone, but either way, the former AMA Pro has the battle wounds to prove that someone made a mistake. No concussion, no headache, just some scrapes and bruises where his goggles got pushed into his face.

Bones made Dennis Stapleton do all the work when changing out the CRF450’s forks and shock.

Doug Dubach saw the Reisinger crash and stopped to pick up the guy who developed the helmet that he wears.

Harry Leitner’s Husqvarna FC450 Supermoto bike attracted a lot of attention in the MXA pits. It was amazingly detailed up close. Check out the size of that front brake rotor.

Renthal’s Brad Cameron ripped up our KTM 150SX. He is also looking for a new job as he will be a free man after January 1st.

KTM’s David O’Connor was happy as a clam as he made off with a handful of new swag.

Jody Weisel (left) and Husqvarna’s Andy Jefferson (right) broke out their winter head gear. These two guys think its cold any time it drops below 65 degrees.

You can’t test bikes by looking at them in the workshop. MXA has put so many hours on its 2017 Honda CRF450, that we are on our second piston already. Here, Dennis Stapleton tries to make it three pistons. Photo by Dan Alamangos

Justin Jones came out to ride and snagged some time on the 2017 Honda CRF450. Photo by Dan Alamangos

MXA‘s Daryl Ecklund spent the day, and we mean from 7:30 in the morning until 5:30 in the afternoon, testing suspension, gearing and pipes on the CRF450. Photo by Mark Chilson

MX-Tech’s Jeremy Wilkey came all the way from Illinois to  hang out with the MXA guys.

Pro Circuit’s Mark Hall was at MXA’s Ride Day to act as Bones Bacon’s bodyguard. Mark has been out of action for eight months with an injury to his hip. He used the MXA Ride Day as his first day back on a bike.

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