WHAT IS IT? The Bridgestone Battlecross X40 rear tire is designed for hard-to-intermediate conditions and replaces the Bridgestone M604.

WHAT’S IT COST? $129.00–$150.00.

CONTACT? or your local dealer.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Bridgestone Battlecross X40 rear tire.

(1) Replacement. Bridgestone’s new Battlecross X40 tires are replacing the old M603 front and M604 rear. Over the last few years, Bridgestone’s presence on the AMA circuit has diminished greatly. Since Bridgestone withdrew, Dunlop has reigned. Bridgestone was once a major player, and they want to regain the prominence they had with the well-received intermediate-terrain M403/404 combo. Will they be able to make it to the top of the charts once again? A lot of that rides on the X40.

(2) Changes. There are three big innovations on the Battlecross X40 Bridgestone: (a) Cooling fins. Bridgestone’s engineers placed fins close together on the sidewall of the tire. The theory behind the fins is that since hard-to-intermediate conditions generate more heat than soft-terrain conditions, the fins will aid in dissipating the increased heat. (b) Reinforcing knobs. Best known in tire jargon as tie bars, these are built-up bridges of rubber between the knobs. These tie-bars aid in the tire’s stability. MXA test riders complained about the lack of knob stability when we tested the new X30 intermediate-terrain tire. The X30 does not have the tie bars of the X40. (c) Castle blocks. There are castle blocks—structural shapes—on every single knob of the X40. These castle blocks increase traction in hard-packed conditions. The old M604 only had castle blocks on select knobs.

(3) Performance. If we could describe the X40 in one word, it would be stable. You always know what it is going to do. It never wallows or breaks free. As our MXA wrecking crew is a bit rebellious, they not only rode this tire in hard-packed conditions, but also in sand and loam. And you know what? We liked the X40 in just about every condition we tried it in. It never betrayed us. The reinforcements between the knobs really kicked this tire into high gear in the hard-packed category.

(4) Durability. This tire is the full package. It has great performance and excellent durability.

(5) Options. The Battlecross X40 rear tire comes in many sizes. Bridgestone makes both 18- and 19-inch rear tires. The 18-inch only comes in a 110/100 size. The 19-inch comes in a 100/90, 110/90 and 120/80.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? No complaints.

Bridgestone used to be a powerful force in the world of motocross, but they have lost the public relations battle to Dunlop as of late. That’s a shame because the MXA test riders give the Battlecross X40 rear and the Battlecross X30 front very good reviews. So, Bridgestone hasn’t lost the tire wars—they just haven’t been high profile enough to win over the consumer. These two tires are very good race tires.

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