WHAT IS IT? FMF is one of the biggest names in the motocross industry and is always thinking of new ways to expand its brand beyond exhaust systems. At the beginning of 2021, FMF teamed up with 100% Goggles to come up with its very own goggle line called FMF Vision.

WHAT’S IT COST? $42.50 (clear lens), $52.50 (mirror or smoke lens).

CONTACT? or your local dealer.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the FMF PowerBomb goggles. 

(1) The relationship. It is no secret that the FMF goggle is actually a 100% goggle with FMF flavor. Every FMF goggle has an embossed 100% logo on it. FMF Vision is a collaborative venture between these two powerhouse brands. 

(2) The goggles. The goggle design is owned by 100%. If you are asking which 100% goggle design it is, you would have to go back a few years. The FMF PowerBomb goggles look exactly like the 100%’s Accuri design, which they don’t offer anymore (although there is an Accuri 2). MXA tested the Accuri goggles a few years back and, looking at our old notes, test riders loved it and had no complaints.

(3) The design. The FMF PowerBomb goggles offer a unique frame shape with a raised section at the top of the lens to give a bit more forward vision when ducking your head. It is a minor improvement on the vision front, but from a design aesthetic, it coordinates perfectly with the squared-off nose bridge. The frame has ample flex, which helps it fit snugly against a wide variety of facial shapes. If you want more flex, you can remove the nose piece. It is comfortable and fits in all of MXA’s popular helmets without interference.  

(4) The strap. The goggle strap is 45mm wide and has good resilience. The strap didn’t stretch out, ripple or fray over time. To keep the goggle in place on your helmet, a 10mm silicone strip is laid in the middle of the entire goggle strap. 

(5) The foam. The triple-layer, moisture-managing face foam is 15mm thick and feels very supple on the face. The material was not only comfortable, it fit securely around many different face shapes so debris couldn’t get into the goggle. A good fit around the face is also important for sweat. If there isn’t enough pressure on the face, or if there is a gap between a rider’s face and the foam, the odds are very high that sweat droplets will get into the rider’s eyes. 

(6) Lens. The FMF PowerBomb goggles comes with a clear lens for $42.50. For $52.50, you get two lenses—a mirror or smoke polycarbonate, anti-fog lens on the goggle and an extra clear lens in the box. 

(7) Tear-offs. FMF sells a variety of tear-off options. You can get two stacks of its laminated tear-offs (seven per stack) for $13.00. If you want regular tear-offs, FMF offers a 20-pack ($14.00) or 50-pack ($30.00). FMF also has you covered for rainy days and mud races with a roll-off system for $40.00. 

(8) Performance. The PowerBomb goggle was light enough, simple enough and comfortable enough that test riders forgot they even had it on. This is a simple goggle that offers good comfort, a nice fit and absorbs sweat on hot days. 

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? No complaints.

MXA RATING: This is a straightforward goggle with an iconic motocross nameplate. It offers high performance and is a collaboration between two hardcore motocross companies.

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