WHAT IS IT? The Gaerne SG-10 boot has been a rider favorite for many years. It’s been updated and restyled for better performance and looks.

WHAT’S IT COST? $499.99.

CONTACT? Contact your local motorcycle dealer or visit

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Gaerne SG-10 boots.

(1) Fit. The Gaerne SG-10 boot has an inner liner made out of comfortable memory cell foam. That foam has a wicking membrane to keep feet cool and dry. Another favored design is the boot’s low-profile toe box for easy shifting. Our smaller test riders felt there was a little more room than needed around the ankle and heel area. For these smaller riders, adding a shoe insert raised their feet in the boot, making for a snug fit and helped reduce heel lift. Our test riders with bigger calves or larger ankles had no issues and were pleased with the adjustable buckles, especially if they wore bulky knee braces. The boot size is spot-on. If you are a size 10 normally, you will be a size 10.

(2) Appearance. The Gaerne SG-10 boots have an all-new sleek look with a larger grip guard, similar to the SG-12. The fine detail in craftsmanship adds a functional look to the boot and is available in white, black, red/white, blue and black/flo yellow.

(3) Sole. The Gaerne SG-10 boot sole is made of a tough dual-composite material. After spending several hours testing these boots in the dry California conditions, the soles still looked as if they had just come out of the box. This gave the MXA wrecking crew concerns that the sole of the boot may be too hard for muddy conditions and have a slippery feel on the footpegs. After letting one of our test riders put them through the paces in a mud race, we had no concerns that the sole’s dual-composite material was too hard to find prime traction on the peg. Out of the group of test riders that tried the latest generation SG-10, every rider complimented the boot. After a long day of testing, the stiff sole provided a more stable fit and less foot soreness.

(4) Durability. Over the years Gaerne boots have gained a well deserved reputation for their long-lasting durability. The Italian craftsmanship on the SG-10 cuts no corners. Over the last decade, our most extreme test riders are always amazed after countless hours of testing that they have not destroyed the sole or the exterior of the boot. With the new SG-10, the durability is still tried and true.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? The only issue we had was with smaller riders. They noticed a little heel lift during break-in. Adding a sole inset cured all ailments.

MXA RATING: The Gaerne SG10 is a boot that has the looks, grit and functionality for any serious rider or racer. It is a boot you can count on.


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