WHAT IS IT? There is nothing worse for the racer of an older model than to have the factory come out with a completely new look for the latest production bike. It was bad enough that you were racing an old bike, but now the new model makes it look even older. This happened to KTM owners when the 2013 models came with the all-new I-beam front fender. It was instantly recognizable, which made the lack of it even more obvious. The Nihilo Concepts fender kit allows the new fender to retrofit onto 2009-2012 KTMs.

WHAT’S IT COST? $69.95 adapter (plus $24.95 for 2013 front number plate and $29.95 for the 2013 I-beam fender).

CONTACT? or (855) 464-4456.

Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Nihilo Concepts KTM fender adapter.

(1) Installation. There are no instructions in the package, but since the Nihilo kit is comprised of three pieces and assorted hardware, you can get it done if you think it through. The three parts are:
(a) Top. This L-shaped aluminum part fits on top of the bottom triple clamp and goes down in the front to accept the two bolts on the 2013 fender that come in from the front.
  (b) Bottom. The bottom piece bolts into the four bolt holes for the old KTM front fender. It has two new threaded bolt holes for the I-beam fender. The bottom piece and top piece interlock where they join. (c) Front number plate spacer. The new 2013 front number plate needs to be spaced away from the top triple clamp to line up with the slots in the new front fender. Nihilo provides a longer front number plate bolt, but we prefer to use true-to-life KTM bolts where possible.

(2) Fitment. If you have a 2012, 2011, or 2010 KTM 125, 250, 350 or 450, the Nihilo kit will bolt directly onto your stock black KTM triple clamps. (If you have aftermarket triple clamps, you are out of luck.) If you have a 2009 KTM, you will need to inform Nihilo when you order so they can help you with some required modifications to the kit. Additionally, it does not fit W-model KTMs.

(3) The look. It is amazing how little it takes to make your old bike look brand new. Just changing the front fender added four horsepower to our trusty but rusty 2010 KTM 450SXF. (Not really, but we felt faster.) Given that a 2013 KTM would cost $8700, the $125 investment in the adapter kit and new plastic seemed like a bargain.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Since Nihilo is a KTM dealer, we expected a more thoughtful selection of bolts would be included with the kit (we mean more in the KTM vein).

If we had a pre-2013 KTM, we’d think seriously about installing this upgrade kit. Oh yeah, we did have a pre-2013 KTM, and we did install the kit. That’s an endorsement.