WHAT IS IT? The Mayhem goggle is the popular Oakley Airbrake’s close cousin. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles the Airbrake offers, but comfort and functionality are what really matter.

WHAT’S IT COST? $100.00.

CONTACT? www.oakley.comor (800) 403-7449.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Oakley Mayhem MX goggle.

(1) Innovation. Oakley has stepped outside of the box with its goggle innovations, most notably with the expensive Airbrake goggle. Now the team at Oakley has focused on bringing some Airbrake features to the newer and $70-cheaper Mayhem.

(2) Frame. The Mayhem’s aggressive styling is built around a completely redesigned facial contour. The frame is flexible in order to contour to the rider’s face in all conditions. The strap is attached to the frame via outriggers that help apply equal pressure across the surface area. The inside of the frame is lined with triple-layer, fleece-covered face foam for increased moisture-wicking and comfort.

(3) Lens. The Mayhem’s Lexan lens maintains the full curvature of the Airbrake lens. It blocks out all UV rays and is scratch-resistant. Oakley includes an extra lens and a seven-pack of Oakley laminated tear-offs with each Mayhem goggle.

(4) Vision. The Mayhem offers a broad field of vision, and, thanks to the arc of the lens, peripheral vision is exceptional.

(5) Strap. The woven strap has three beads of silicone to lessen slippage. Strap tension is very good.

(6) Performance. This is one of the most comfortable and functional goggles the MXA wrecking crew has tested. It fits like a motocross goggle should. The frame contours to your face, the lens is bulletproof and vision is distortion-free. One thing our test riders would like to see carried over from the Airbrake goggle is the ease of switching the lens with Switchlock technology.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Two quibbles: (1) Every MXA test rider took the removable nosepiece off after the first ride. It snagged in most helmets, which broke the goggle’s seal against the rider’s face. (2) Although the Oakley Mayhem is less expensive than the high-end Airbrake goggle, at $100, it is not cheap.

Our testers loved the Mayhem goggle. This is the second-best goggle we have ever tested (the Airbrake is the best), but the price cost it a star.



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