WHAT IS IT? The ODI Emig Pro V2 lock-on grips are the second-generation Emig grips. They were developed specifically to maximize bike control for every level of rider from Beginner to Pro. The grips were designed by former AMA National Champion Jeff Emig and developed and manufactured in-house at ODI grips in Riverside, California.

WHAT’S IT COST? $28.95

CONTACT? or your local dealer.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the ODI Emig Pro V2 lock-on grips.(1) Design. The first thing you notice on the ODI Emig Pro V2 lock-on grips is the extra-soft, undercut, independent ribs that extend across the outer two-thirds of the grip. These unique ribs were designed to deliver lateral and rotational traction. The ribs are angled downward towards the inside of the grip to encourage better hand positioning and to remind you to raise your elbows. The grips also have a raised center Jeff Emig logo pattern that conforms to your palms for extra padding and reduced vibration. Alloy-reinforced end caps were added to lessen the chance of the grip knob tearing in a fall.  

(2) Concept. Lock-on grips have improved over the years, with more people starting to see the benefits. When you buy lock-on grips, you are also buying a new throttle tube. Many headaches are avoided when you don’t have to deal with glue or safety wire to install grips; plus, the new throttle tube saves you an extra purchase and provides a new clean surface for a smooth throttle turn. We have also found lock-on grips to be more durable. Our test riders ride with these lock-on grips twice as long as standard grips.

(3) Grip. The ODI Emig Pro V2 lock-on grips use an extra-soft compound for comfort, control and less hand fatigue. The raised Jeff Emig logo and independent ribs also improve the grip. 

(4) Positioning. To correctly install the grips with the traction ribs in the right spot, position the small “Made in USA” text on the end caps at the bottom so they are level with the ground. Use the provided throttle cam guide to figure out which cam you need for your bike. Then pop off the pre-installed throttle cam and snap on the cam that matches your bike. You’ll need a 3mm Allen key to install the clutch side grip. ODI recommends tightening to 15 inch-pounds and checking them periodically. 

(5) Accessories. The grips come with throttle cams for both two-strokes and four-strokes. Just beware, the kit doesn’t come with KTM throttle cams. But since the ODI V2 lock-on grips come stock on 2016 to 2020 KTM four-stroke models, the two stock KTM throttle cams will snap on. Also, the end caps can be removed if needed for wraparound hand guards. 

(6) Performance. Our test riders enjoyed the ODI Emig Pro V2 lock-on grips. Some grips need to be broken in, but these were soft right away. The raised traction ribs improved adhesion, even when we fell in the mud. The alloy-reinforced end caps have a diameter slightly larger than the grip. Our test riders felt the end caps while riding, which was unusual, but they appreciated it because it made them aware of their hand positioning. Our test riders could also feel the Emig logo move under their hands while riding, which added comfort and reduced vibration.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? The alloy end caps of the Emig Pro V2 lock-on grip may improve durability, but they are slippery because they are plastic. Don’t lean your bike against your truck. One test rider tried this, and he has a nice scratch across his van to prove it.

MXA RATING: The MXA test riders thoroughly enjoyed riding with the ODI Emig Pro V2 lock-on grips. They liked the thinner diameter and tacky, soft-compound rubber. The alloy end caps were a hit as well. Even after multiple crashes, our grips still looked good because the end caps didn’t tear.

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