WHAT IS IT? Ogio has set the standard for gear bags for years. Now, Ogio introduces the Rig.T3 bag to raise the bar once again. The Ogio Rig.T3 is a three-in-one kit that includes removable bags for your helmet and boots. Designed to carry everything you could need for a day at the track or for an international moto trip, the Rig.T3 is ready to go wherever your riding adventures take you. 

WHAT’S IT COST? $499.99 (helmet and boot bag included).

CONTACT? or (800) 326-6325.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Ogio Rig.T3 gear bag.

(1) Basics. The Ogio Rig.T3 was designed with durability, protection and convenience in mind. The extra-wide opening allows you to easily access the entire gear bag at once. Without permanent partitions, you don’t have to worry about losing your favorite glove underneath the bottom of another compartment. The large lid holds four zip-up pockets, and if you don’t want to open the entire bag, you can unzip a smaller opening in the lid to remove your helmet or other items of the same or smaller size. There are four different handles that can be used for carrying the bag and a telescoping handle to be used when rolling it on heavy-duty wheels. 

(2) Premium accessories. The Rig.T3 is the only gear bag that also comes with two separate removable and washable helmet and boot bags. We don’t usually use boot bags, but they come in handy for fly-away races. The bag also comes with a detached tool-pack holder and its own little pouch. The 17- by 24-inch changing mat is really nice for keeping your feet clean while changing clothes at the track, and its designated zip-up pocket on the exterior of the bag tucks the changing mat away nicely. The lid also features a mesh vent that can be opened or closed for airflow, which we appreciate. 

(3) Protection. A big responsibility of a gear bag is to protect gear, especially your helmet. You never want to compromise the integrity of your helmet by throwing it around in a flimsy helmet or gear bag. The Rig.T3 has thick foam padding built into the lid and sides, while the structural-load equalizing deck, called the sled, protects your gear from below and provides a strong base for sliding the bag into the bed of your truck or onto the airport conveyor belt. The helmet and boot bags are also well-padded for extra protection. 

(4) Compartments. Unlike many other large gear bags that are made up of three separate compartments, the Rig.T3 has one open space with optional mesh dividers. The dividers can be erected and moved around to create three separate compartments for organization. If you don’t want the dividers, they can easily be secured to the walls or removed completely. The four pockets in the lid are great for storing tear-offs, gloves, goggles and other small items, while the helmet bag also has two pockets of its own. 

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We like the boot bag for fly-away trips, but we don’t need it for local riding days. It takes up a lot of space, and we’d rather just throw our boots into the back of the truck. The helmet bag was a catch-22. The padding protected our helmets well, but it was too big for an average helmet, which meant less space for the rest of our gear.  MXA RATING: Besides our quibbles with the separate bags, the new Ogio Rig.T3 is impressive. Ogio is known for quality and durability. At $499, the Rig.T3 is a big investment, but it’s a lot cheaper than the stuff you are putting in it.


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