In stock trim the 2019 Husqvarna TE300i had a flat spot at 7000 rpm. The Pro Circuit pipe and silencer was a quick and easy fix.

WHAT IS IT? The 2019-2020 Husqvarna TE300i and TX300i fuel-injected off-road bike is quite unique. We knew that the enduro-tuned suspension would be soft, the added foof heavy and the six-speed gearbox wide, but we were thrilled to ride it, especially when we realized how much horsepower it made. With a peak of 49.77 horsepower at 8600 rpm, it was much faster than we expected.

What we didn’t expect on the 2019 TE300 was a big flat spot in the middle of the powerband. From 7000 rpm to 7800 rpm, the TE300i hung at 42 horsepower. This dip in the power ruined the usability of the powerband, because it felt sluggish in the middle and then took off at 8000 rpm to shoot up to almost 50 horsepower in the next 1400 rpm. It was what test riders call a “wah, wah, wah, vroom” powerband.

Our 2020 Husqvarna TX300i cross-country bike did not have the power-robbing dip. It produced a much broader and usable power, but since we had such good luck with the Pro Circuit pipe on our 2019, we decided to tryi it on the TX300i.

WHAT’S IT COST? $262.46 (Platinum), $141.71 (R-304 silencer).

CONTACT? or (951) 738-8050.

The Pro Circuit pipe fit perfectly on the 2020 TX300i. It comes in the platinum coating or raw metal.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Pro Circuit 2019 TE300i and 2020 TX300Platinum exhaust pipe.

(1) Mapping conundrum. We thought that we could fix the dip on the 2019 TE300i with a map change, but no oe had tackled the electronics during out test periods. There were no newer maps available. 

(2) Exhaust pipe. While we were getting some work done at Pro Circuit, we told Mitch Payton about our TE300i issues. Mitch suggested a new map. We told him the map story. He said that he had a TE300i exhaust pipe that was really good on the dyno, but had never been raced. After a quick glance at the dyno chart, we headed to the track with the Pro Circuit TE300i pipe (with an R304 silencer) in tow. We sent two test riders out with the stock 300i exhaust pipe. They said that it felt sluggish down low but was blazing fast on top. We changed to the Pro Circuit pipe and sent them back out. Both came back raving about how much broader the powerband was, and they said that the bog was gone. They loved it.

MXA’s 2019 TE300i project bike.

(3) 2019 TE 300i. We never show test riders the dyno chart until after they have ridden the bike. So, once they quit praising the Pro Circuit pipe, we showed them the numbers. From 5000 rpm to 6700 rpm, the stock pipe and Pro Circuit pipe produced the same horsepower. At 7500 rpm, the stock pipe was stuck at 42.10 horsepower, while the Pro Circuit pipe was making 45.20 horsepower. At 8500 rpm, the stock pipe was making 49.77 horsepower (its peak), and the Pro Circuit pipe was making 52.10 horsepower. At 9200 rpm (the Pro Circuit pipe’s peak), the stock Husky TE300i pipe was making 46.10 horsepower and the Pro Circuit pipe was making 52.50. Best of all, the Pro Circuit pipe didn’t sign off until 9200 rpm, whereas the stock pipe gave up the ghost at 8600 rpm.

MXA’S 2020 Husqvarna TX300i fuel-inject cross-country bike with it stock waffle pipe.

(3) 2020 TX300i. Even though our 2020 TX300i didn’t have the boggy spot that the 2019 TE300i had, we wanted to try the Pro Circuit exhauts on it. No surprise it made more power on the dyno than the stock exhauts from 6500 rm all the way to sign-off, which was moved up 500 rpm. In the middle the Pro Circuit pipe added three horsepower and , of course, did the same thing on top. The the track the pipe made the powerband fell smoother and broader because it filled in all the little burbles along the way.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? No complaints.

MXA RATING: If you own a fuel-injected 2019 Husqvarna TE300i, you really, really, really need this pipe. If you own a 2020 Husqvarna TX300, you are gonna appreciate what this pipe does.


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