WHAT IS IT? The 2014 Thor Core gear is the latest offering in Thor’s venerable line of high-end gear. Core is on the third rung of Thor’s four-model lineup, which goes from Phase to Prime to Core to Flux.

WHAT’S IT COST? $49.95 (jersey), $149.95 (pant).

CONTACT? or your local dealer.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Thor MX Core gear.

(1) Pant. The Thor MX pant is built for durability and comfort. The pant offers a pre-curved rider fit to contour to the rider’s body. The pant features the biggest and toughest cowhide knee panels on the market. Additionally, the rider’s knee is protected from abrasions by hard rubber panels and padding. There is stretch material along the entire pant to contour to the body for a proper fit.

(2) Fit. The Core pant has a ratchet waist along with a spandex panel on both hips for a roomy fit. It is important to select the proper size, because while the Spandex offers adjustability at the hips, it is limited to less than an inch either way.

(3) Comfort. Every MXA test rider loved that the Core pant stayed in place at all times. The pant didn’t ride down or move around, but the tight fit felt secure rather than restrictive. The knee area, however, was a bit tight if you have large legs and wear knee braces.

(4) Jersey. The jersey has a new collar construction that includes two large stretch-knit panels for easy entry and exit. It has large mesh panels in the chest, underarms and side panels to increase ventilation and keep you cool. The vents are creatively designed to keep you cool in the summer, but you can still wear the jersey on cold days. Stretch-rib gussets are installed at the cuffs to ensure that the sleeves don’t roll up during riding. The Core jersey also features a drop-tail to keep it tucked in.

(5) Durability. No problems. The large leather patches on the knee panels did a great job of protecting the pant from the heat and friction of the bike.

(6) Options. The Thor MX Core pant comes in sizes 28 to 38, and the matching jersey comes in small to extra-extra large. There are nine different graphic designs and colors.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? If you are a big boy who wears knee braces, you need to try the Thor MX Core pant on before you buy them.

Thor’s Core gear has continued to improve every year, and the 2014 line is the best yet. It has all of the bells and whistles, but is slightly less expensive than other competitors.