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WHAT IS IT? The Troy Lee Designs SE4 helmet is redesigned from head to toe from the previous SE3 helmet. It is lighter, safer, more comfortable and, of course, looks better.

WHAT’S IT COST? $650.00.

CONTACT? or (800) 239-6566.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with Troy Lee Designs’ SE4 helmet.

(1) Craftsmanship. The SE4’s shell is made out of carbon fiber and Kevlar composite. The light shell brings the overall weight to just under 3 pounds, making it about a half-pound lighter than a 6D or an SE3. The cheek pads are no longer snapped in, as they have been redesigned into a quick-release system. It takes no longer than a few seconds to insert and remove them. The SE4 has 22 intake vents and 6 exhaust vents to keep your head cool and dry.(2) Triple EPS. Troy Lee Designs’ previous SE3 helmet had a dual-density EPS foam inner shell. This increased protection by using denser foam in high-impact areas and softer foam in low-impact areas. The ante was upped with the SE4 by including three separate EPS foam inserts that varied in density. The addition of a third EPS layer allowed for a wider range of protection between low and high impacts. The research and development of the SE4 indicated there were hot spots where helmets made contact to the ground. These hot spots were located in the frontal headband area and from the top to the rear of the head. The SE4 was reinforced with EPS in these hot spots to increase protection. This extra protection allowed the SE4 helmet to exceed the certifications for Snell M2015, DOT FMVS218, ECE 22.05 and AS/NZS 1698.

(3) Fit. It is no secret that we weren’t in love with the fit of the Troy Lee Designs’ SE3 fit. We had to mix and match different-sized pads to lessen pressure points around the temple area, which solved our problem. The updated SE4 helmet has a redesigned fit. As the shape was made longer, the cheek pads were able to be extended forward, making your entire head feel secure within the helmet. There were no pressure points, and the padding is sized the way it should be. The fitment and comfort of the SE4 were similar to the Bell Flex helmet, which we loved
.(4) MIPS. The MIPS system is integrated underneath the liner of the SE4 helmet. It is built to slide multi-directionally. This movement imitates the way your brain protects itself in a crash. It is made to absorb rotational energy created by an angular blow. It is light and not noticeable when riding.

(5) Options. The Troy Lee Designs SE4 helmet comes in seven different colorways and is offered in sizes extra small to double-extra large. Included in your purchase you will also receive an extra visor, additional set of hardware and a plush helmet bag.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Although we have no complaints about the quality, design or safety of the helmet, we do think that high-end helmets are beginning to reach stratospheric price levels.
MXA RATING: The Troy Lee Designs SE4 helmet is head over heels better than the previous SE3. And, it has joined the safety movement thanks to its creative use of EPS, MIPS, weight and an extra-thick foam liner. It is a helmet that offers comfort, safety and, of course, style.