WHAT IS IT? The all-new Twin Air Complete seat is a replacement unit that includes the cover, high-density foam and plastic base. It is an all-in-one seat—all you need to do is twist the bolts.

WHAT’S IT COST? $169.95 (complete seat), $59.95 (Twin Air seat cover).

CONTACT? or your local dealer.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Twin Air Complete seat. 

(1) Concept. The inherent problem with OEM motocross seats is that the foam density is too soft. It feels comfortable on day one, but after a month it is softer than a feather pillow. You sink into it. Worse yet, some OEM seat designs get very thin at the rear of the saddle. The lack of foam combined with the foam’s softness results in sub-frame rail bruises on your derriere.

(2) Foam. Twin Air wanted to address the issues that motocross racers have with the seats on their race bikes, and those boiled down to two common requests: (1) They wanted stiffer seat foam and (2) foam that didn’t break down so quickly over time. Surprise! No one wanted softer foam than what came stock. Twin Air knows a thing or two about foam density, given that air filters are made from foam, so they came up with a seat foam that will not break down and get softer as you ride. (3) Additionally, they offer the foam in the stock height and 15mm taller.

(3) Cover. You can have the Twin Air Complete seat and aftermarket Twin Air seat cover in any color you want, as long as it’s black. The Twin Air seat has a spikey, pyramid-style gripper texture to it. And, it really grips. Cinch your pants down tight, because the combination of firm foam and the pyramid cover will pull your pants down. The Twin Air seat cover and the polyurethane foam are both waterproof, which is one reason why the Twin Air seat foam is less likely to break down. The cover is molded in one piece with no seams.

(4) Shape. We tested the Twin Air Complete seat on a 2021 KTM 450XCF off-road bike and a 2021 KTM 450SXF motocross model. We had several MXA test riders who wanted stiffer seat foam. They ran the Twin Air seats at every off-road and motocross races for four months. They loved how firm the seat was, which they claimed helped them move fore and aft on the bike easier. They said that the shape mimicked the stock KTM seat, but most importantly held that shape without getting broken down. Our seats withstood the abrasion of MXA’s knee brace-equipped test riders, thanks to the durability of the seat cover.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We had a few concerns. (1) On one of our Twin Air seats, the foam was tucked under the edge of the seat base during assembly, and this allowed our knee braces to tear a chunk out of the foam. The broken piece of foam stayed under the cover, but it created a bulge. We had no similar problems with the second seat. (2) When we say it is firm, we mean it. Between the aggressive pyramid seat cover and firm foam, you are going to need some time to get used to the feel. (3) Tighten your motocross pants in the same way that an aerobatic pilot tightens his seat belt before doing a loop—as tight as possible. 

MXA RATING: If you’re looking for a seat with great traction, stiff foam and a long lifespan, this is it! It won’t break down, but it won’t get more comfortable over time. This is a Supercross seat, not a comfy living-room couch.

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