WHAT IS IT?  If you are like most serious 2013?’14 Honda CRF450 racers, when the time comes to replace the stock CRF450 dual-exhaust system, you will most likely go for an FMF, DR.D or Pro Circuit single-sided CRF450 exhaust pipe. Why wouldn’t you? They are cheaper, lighter, less prone to crash damage and run better. However, when you switch to a single-sided exhaust, you will have a gaping hole on the left side of your bike where the old muffler went. That is where UFO comes into the picture.

WHAT’S IT COST? $58.99 (set).

CONTACT? or (815) 756-9400.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the UFO single-exhaust CRF250/450 side panel.
(1) Ideas.
UFO is on a roll as of late. Instead of just making replacement plastic parts for stock motocross bikes, UFO has begun to use their plastic molding prowess for good. UFO hit pay dirt with their YZ125/250 two-stroke restyle kits. These kits turned the ancient and aged YZ plastic into a modern version of the 2013 YZ250F plastic. Now, with the CRF450 single-side exhaust side panel, they are answering another demand. Kudos to UFO.

(2) Performance. When you remove the stock CRF450 twice pipes, the bike gets lighter and sleeker, but it still has the bulging side panel hanging out in the breeze on the left side of the bike. The bulge is like a vacant lot in a ritzy neighborhood. It’s an eyesore. The UFO side panel replaces the stock left-side CRF panel and is tucked in, flatter and very attractive. We had no complaints about the look, fit or feel of the UFO parts. It was all good. The panels come in white, red or black.

(3) Added bonus. Although the UFO single-sided side panel will work with any brand of aftermarket CRF single exhaust, if you buy an FMF single-sided 2013?2014 CRF450 exhaust pipe, they throw in the UFO side panel for free.

(4) Fitment. The UFO side panel will work on any of the latest-generation twin-pipe CRFs. That list includes the 2013 and 2014 CRF450 and the 2014 CRF250.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? This is a winner of an idea?although for UFO to get any return on investment, a large number of riders have to revolt against Honda’s twin-pipe design. We think they will?eventually.

Creative ideas rarely come from major manufacturers. They are typically too busy addressing the needs of the mob majority. We applaud UFO for taking the time to worry about lonely and disgruntled twin-pipe Honda CRF owners.

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