WHAT IS IT? The Urmosi soft bar mounts are an elastomer-controlled set of handlebar mounts that retrofit on most standard triple clamps. They differ from other energy-absorbing bar mounts, such as the Neken SFS, Xtrig PHDS and Flexx bars, in that the Urmosi soft bar mounts don’t just work in a downward motion in line with the forks, but damp out vibrations, impacts and chatter bumps over 360 degrees of motion. 

WHAT’S IT COST? $399.00 (bar mounts, crossbar pad and two densities of polymer inserts).


WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Urmosi soft bar mounts.

(1) Initial impression. First and foremost, they are very strange looking. The handlebars are encapsulated inside two rings of rubber held in large round housings. When you push down on the bars, they float, not just downward but rearward, forward, upward and from side to side. When pressure is applied from the clutch or throttle sides, the bar ends move. Also, the Urmosi soft bar mounts raise the handlebars 1/2 inch. That may sound like a small amount, but it’s a lot to a picky rider. We didn’t ask for volunteers from the MXA wrecking crew. We sent three “forced labor” test riders out on a GasGas MC450F with stock bar mounts and then switched to our identical Urmosi-equipped GasGas.

(2) Performance. To our surprise, each test rider came back raving about how the Urmosi soft bar mounts eliminated vibration, helped the suspension in square-edge bumps and lessened arm pump. Most riders preferred the soft yellow elastomer rings over the firmer blue rings; the yellow rings last 80 hours before they need replacing (replacement rings are $25).

(3) Adapting. Bar height was an issue. The lowest available bars are stock Yamaha handlebars, but we found the stock GasGas bars to be acceptable. On the track, test riders reported that they couldn’t feel the movement that they witnessed in the pits. Every Vet rider who rode with the Urmosi clamps loved the feel of the bars. Riders who did off-road races loved them the most. As we progressed to faster test riders, they were more sensitive to the movement and more vocal about their issues. This was not a surprise, because Vet riders can’t use Pro-level suspension settings, gearing, powerbands or setup, either. In short, the Urmosi bar mounts are for riders looking for comfort, recovery from wrist injuries or reduced hand fatigue—and that is a very big market. 

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Three quibbles: (1) Weight. It adds 11 ounces, but all energy-absorbing bars and bar mounts add weight, some more than the Urmosi. (2) There is not a large selection of low-rise handlebars available from every bar brand; you may be required to switch brands. (3) At $399, they are expensive, but that is the same price as Flexx bars, $300 less than the Neken SFS air-damped top triple clamp, and $150 more than the XTrig PHDS bar mounts.

MXA RATING: Not for every rider, but for those looking for a plusher ride, this is the bar-mount system to go with. We were shocked by how many Vet riders raved about the Urmosi bars mounts.




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