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WHAT IS IT? Works Connection’s No Air Loss Adaptor ensures the air pressure you set in your air forks is the air pressure you get.

WHAT’S IT COST? $29.95.

CONTACT? www.worksconnection.comor (800) 349-1475.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Works Connection No Air Loss Adaptor.

(1) Mechanism. When you set the air pressure on your Kayaba, Showa or WP air forks, there is always the possibility of losing air when you disconnect the pump. This is especially disastrous on high-pressure air forks because even a small burp of air from the Schrader valve.

Works Connection’s No Air Loss Adaptor has a rubber seal inside that insures that the adaptor does not lose contact with the Schrader valve until its plunger is completely extended. That means that when you unscrew the No Air Loss Adaptor, the fork seals itself before the adaptor is completely removed. Additionally, the adaptor has a very small capacity so that its internal volume is restricted.

(2) Tips. MXA test riders attach the adaptor to the pump before connecting it to the forks, and for convenience we leave it on the pump permanently (we aren’t going to use a fork pump for anything but forks). It is true that when you thread the adaptor onto the forks there will be a loss of air pressure, but this is not an issue because you installed the pump to add air to the forks. The most important part of using the adaptor is how you remove it from your forks. It is critical that you always leave the adaptor on the pump until you have unthreaded it from the fork cap. Do not unthread the brass fitting from the pump until you have unthreaded the black hex-shaped barrel from the fork. You might hear a little hiss of air when you remove the adaptor, but that is air from the pump, not air from the forks.

(3) Rechecking.You can use your pump to check the air pressure in your forks, but expect to be confused. If you put 150 psi in your forks and then check them after the first moto, expect the air pressure to be 4 psi higher than what you set (154psi). This is caused by the heat generated by the friction of the working parts. If you set the pressure the night before the race, and then checked them before the first moto, when the sun is, out expect the pressure to be higher also (because of the higher ambient air pressure). Since the purpose of the pump is to set the air pressure, always approach your forks with a plan. If you feel that 150psi is your perfect number, just keep resetting the pressure to 150 psi no matter what the pumps says it has changed to. One warning, don’t set the pressure in hot forks (let them cool down if your just came in from a moto).

(4) Length. The adaptor is 4-1/2 inches long, which makes it perfect for keeping the pump away from the handlebars and levers. Do not ride with the adaptor attached to the fork, as that would be stupid.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? There is a learning curve and a sequence to events that determines whether you lose air pressure or not. It works best if you do it right.

MXA RATING: If you own air forks, it behooves you to make sure that they have the proper amount of air in them. This is the best tool to guarantee that.

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