It’s a completely redesigned starting device that has nothing in common with previous spring-loaded devices.


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WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with Works Connection’s Pro Launch device.

(1) Design. Instead of a retractable, spring-loaded button, the Works Connection Pro Launch uses super-powerful magnets to lock the forks down. The magnets retract the hook as soon as the forks are compressed.

(2) Activation. Traditional spring-loaded starting devices can snag the back of the fork ring on the way down if you push the button too early. It makes setting the device tricky and timing important. Because of its lever-style mechanism and chamfered engagement point, the Pro Launch glides over the receiver on the way down and catches on the way up. The MXA test riders could set the Pro Launch device by themselves?something we could never do with spring-loaded holeshot devices. Shorter riders walked on the left side of the bike and grabbed the front brake while reaching across with their left hand to pull the Pro-Start trigger lever. Tall riders could simply pull down the front fender while sitting in the saddle.

(3) Installation. Works Connection provides an aluminum template with pre-drilled holes, plus three different paper templates in the shape of each bike brand’s fork guard to align the aluminum template at 90mm, 100mm and 110mm. Once you choose the location of the device, tape the metal template on and use the supplied drill bit to make the mounting hole. It’s easy.

(4) Consistency.
All too often, starting devices are difficult to set, disengage unexpectedly, knock the fork-leg clamp loose or pull the fork guard off the bike. The new Pro Launch is a different story; it works consistently.

(5) Setting. We ran our Pro Launch devices in the middle, 100mm setting. As a rule, we used the holeshot device on dirt starts, but elected not to use it on concrete.

(6) Maintenance. To ensure crisp performance, visually inspect the Pro Launch device after every ride to make sure it is perfectly aligned.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? No complaints.

Forget about all previous holeshot devices. The magnetic Works Connection Pro Launch raises the bar far beyond the old-school, button-style devices.

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