MXA brought nine test bikes out to expand the experience of our endurance test riders, but Randy Skinner slipped a tenth bike in at the end of the line.

Thanks to a very rare anomoly in the Glen Helen race schedule, there were no races scheduled on any of Glen Helen’s race tracks this past Saturday. Normally, there is an REM race on the REM track, a Tony Alessi-sponsored AME Summercross race on the Stadiumcross track, and Old school Scrambles on the truck track and a vintage, Old Timers, OTHG or some other Alphabet organization on the National track. Not so this Saturday. The only scheduled events at Glen Helen this past weekend were a Hell On Wheels Scrambles on the REM track on Sunday and a Rally car race, more like a dirt autocross, on the Lucas Oil Off-Road Truck track parking area. It’s not unusual for Glen Helen to host as many as six different races over a weekend. So, to not have any was a like an invitation to come out and play.

Brian Medeiros has been racing MXA’s Suzuki RM-Z250 and doing well on it—with nothing more than Ekolu suspension mods. So, fellow Pro Justin Muscutt, shown above, decided that he wanted to try it out, especially since the overly stiff stock fork and shock had been revalved.  You can reach Brian at Ekolu Suspension at (951) 459-7993

This hill is not as steep as it looks. How do we know? Because on practice days, Glen Helen doesn’t run the big REM hills, just the little ones like this.

The empty schedule gave us the idea to have an Un-Race—where we take all of our Vet test riders, ranging in age from 30 to 60, to Glen Helen along with nine different bikes and have them spend the day rotating between bikes, until they had ridden all nine of them. We brought two AMA Pro test riders along to keep the Vets honest. We don’t do this to prove anything, we just wanted everyone of our endurance test rider to have the chance of riding each bike on the same track, on the same day, under the same conditions — with their buddies. Our hope was that they would get a clearer view of what each bike was capable of, which would make them better sources of information in the 2022 test season. Plus, it was fun.

Ketchup Cox (center) showed up and hung out with lots of the Saddleback guys he remembered from his racing days. Ketchup and Jody go back to their day racing days in Texas.

Irishman David O’Connor came with MXA to Glen Helen on Saturday. He brought his “almost factory” KTM 250SXF and let some of the MXA guys ride it. David worked at KTM, but last year opened up his own race shop. You can reach DOC Racing services at (951) 443-7458 (Monday through Friday)​—on Saturday and Sunday he’s at the races.

Marc Crosby’s favorite bike was the Husqvarna FC450 Rockstar Edition. It pained him to see other riders on it.

The two true-to-life MXA Pro test riders were there to help riders who had questions about the bikes, felt there was an issue that needed answering and, if necessary, the Pros would go out and test ride any bike that a Vet felt had a problem. Not every MXA endurance test rider came on Saturday—some were injured and some had other commitments, but we had more riders than we could handle without a whip and chair.

Dan Alamangos is a big fan of 350s, so although he rode all of the 450s, he went back and forth between the 2021 KTM 350SXF and the 2022 Husqvarna FC350 (shown above).

Former Saddleback 250 Pro Luc De Ley has always avoided having to ride 450cc bikes, but after a few laps on the GasGas MC 450F, he thought he could handle a big bike.

Belgian Luc De Ley and Australian Dan Alamangos getting ready.

We didn’t bring every bike in the MXA arsenal, just the YZ450F, KX450, FC450, KTM 450SXF, GasGas MC450, 2022 Husky FC350, KTM 350SXF, KTM 250SF and KTM 150SX . Jon Ortner wedged in riding all nine bikes and shooting photos of everybody having fun (with a little help from Dan and Debbi). Enjoy the photos of the day as much as we did riding.

Jon Ortner is recovering from a broken foot, which entailed pins through the bottom of his toes, but started racing last week. He rode all nine bikes and still couldn’t make up his mind on which on was best. All he could say was, “Awesome” after riding each one.

Hawaiian Brian Medeiros and Jody Weisel ponder the meaning of life.

Jody finds the meaning of life—it turns out that it was on the track the whole time.

AMA Pro Brian Medeiros raced YZ450F’s for a season and decided that 450s were not built for him, but when he came to MXA’s Un-Race 3.0 he spent most of his time on it.

Dave Eropkin (left), Val Tamietti and Jenny Eropkin hang out in the shade. The weatherman said it was 101 degrees, but the weather experts at Glen Helen said 95—and they were right.

Dave Eropkin used to feel right at home on a hopped-up CR125, but now he’s a four-stroke guy.

Marc Crosby (left) was in charge of herding cats…oops we mean making sure that every rider spent time on each of the nine bikes (and that some, like Jon Ortner, got off of them occasionally). Jon gets a reward for coming off the track so someone else could ride the KTM 450SXF.

Justin Muscutt works at KTM in the customer service department. We made him ride a Suzuki RM-Z250.

Mike Monaghan refuses to ride four-strokes, so he borrowed MXA’s KTM 150SX. The hot weather messed up the jetting, but after taking advice from everyone in the pits, he dropped the needle and got in a solid lap before the sun went down.

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