Last year the KTM 250SXF finished second in the 2019 MXA 250 shootout. Although it was still the favorite of the Pro test riders, the Vets and Novices felt that the combination of the stiffr suspension and more rigid frame produced a ride sensation that only worked if the rider carried a lot of speed. Additionally, the closed-off 2019 KTM airbox muffled the throttle response coming out of corners—no problem for Pros—but a big deal for riders who didn’t hammer through the bends. For 2020 KTM has  addressed these issues and MXA’s Josh Mosiman, a National Pro himself, will explain the changes that KTM made to make the 2020 KTM 250SXf a friendly bike for riders from Novice to the top. The most visible change is the perforated airbox cover that allows the 2020 engine to breathe—a change the MXA not only liked, but had done to our KTM’s  for the last few years (with a drill). Enjoy watching MXA’s first rider at Glen Helen.

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