It’s not that we don’t love the high rpm power of the KTM 250SXF, it’s just that we like a little variety in life—so we decided to try to build a 250SXF engine that had more midrange. The idea was to get more power in the middle so the bike could be short-shifted. This would make it better for Novices, Vets and riders who don’t like to hold their engine to the bitter end on every straight. For this project we enlisted the help of Race Tech to massage the engine, Hinson to beef up the clutch, Factory Connection to enhance the suspension, FMF for the exhaust system, Cycra for the colorful plastic, Decal Works for the cool graphics, Moto-Master for the brake rotors, Hot Cams for the cams, Renthal for the bars. Plus a big thank you to every other company that made this bike so special. The entire build surpassed our expectations. You can read all the details about it in Motocross Action Magazine.

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