The BRD RedShift MX.

BRD Motorcycles has unveiled its new electric motorcycle, the RedShift, targeted towards offroad and urban use, and intended to outperform gas-powered equivalents. “We just want to make faster motorcycles” said BRD CEO, Marc Fenigstein. “We’re a team of riders and racers with high-performance gas machines in the garage. We’re building the bikes we’d rather be riding.”

The bike was unveiled last Wednesday in San Francisco.                                          Photo: Elcabritos.

The RedShift MX claims to produce 40hpm while weighing 240 pounds. “There are decades of development in modern motocross and supermoto chassis,” said Chief Technology Officer, Derek Dorresteyn, a former professional racer. “We chose to harness the best of that while taking advantage of the torque and throttle response an electric motor delivers.” BRD states that this creates a familiar riding experience for seasoned motorcyclists, but one that provides riders more control, feedback, and confidence.

The RedShift MX uses a 5.2kWh battery that should deliver about 50 miles of range based on other electric motorcycles in the market, but BRD refrained from specifying a range until further testing.

The 5.2kWh battery and electric motor is claimed to produce 40 horsepower.               Photo: Elcabritos.

The most distinctive feature of the bike is the chassis, made of two sculptural aluminum monocoque members. Chief Design Officer, Jeff Sand explains: “While the chassis geometry is conventional, packaging an electric drive-train required rethinking frame design. Starting with a clean slate, we developed a new methodology that allows tight integration of the drive-train components in a very dense package, while meeting our strength and stiffness requirements, and being manufacturable here in California.” The motorcycles will be sold through conventional motorcycle dealerships to ensure warranty and service support.

The Supermoto model.

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