The Pasha 125 Open is the strangest two-stroke race you will ever attend (and you can race it even if you don’t have a 125 two-stroke, because it will have all the regular classes as a normal race for two- and-four-strokes).

What’s so strange about that? There are only three classes for two-strokes —and they are only for 125 two-strokes. There are no classes for 250cc, 300cc or 500cc two-strokes, but you can race them in the regular classes against the four-strokes.

Hollywood actor and stuntman Pasha Afshar is paying the purse for the race, which he thinks is a good warm-up for the upcoming October 3 World Two-Stroke Championship. For a guy who plays bad guys in the movies, Pasha is a good guy.

The three 125cc two-strokes classes will all pay purse money to the top three and the three special 125 classes are open to two-strokes up to 150cc (just like at the October 3, 2020, World Two-Stroke Championship).

Sean Collier (207) leads the 125 Pro charge to the first turn at the last Pasha 125 Open race.

The three 125 classes (aren’t divided into Novice, Intermediate and Expert divisions). The three classes are 125 Pro, 30-to-49 year old 125 racers and Over-50 125 racers. All three classes pay purse money and trophies to the top three. It is obvious than an Over-50 Novice doesn’t stand a chance of winning any money against the Over-50 Intermediates and Experts he would have to line up next to, but so what? He gets to rev it up, drop the clutch, go for the holeshot, find someone to battle with and style for awhile.

125 Pro podium at the previous Pasha 125 Open event was Colton Aeck, winner Derek Kelley and Broc Shoemaker.

There will be a full day of two-and four-stroke events (no different than a normal race at Glen Helen, except you get to hear, watch and smell full gates of 125s between your motos). There will be 50cc, 65cc or 85cc minicycles. The gate fee for this race is $10 per person. For more info go to www.glenhelen.com.

To pre-enter the Pasha 125 Open and see all the available regular classes Click Here.


Photos by Jon Ortner

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