When Hollywood actor Pasha Afshar started holding 125cc Pro races earlier this year, he was planning on taking over the 125 Pro class at the 2020 Wiseco World Two-Stroke Championship and building it into something big. Please note that Pasha makes no money from the race entries, instead he pays the $6000 purse because he wants to see 125 two-strokes blossom. And  on Saturday, October 3, 2020, the World Two-Stroke Championship will offer three 125 Pro classes thanks to Pasha’s generosity. Plus an $8000 Open Pro class for any size two-stroke.

Mike Alessi won the last “Pasha 125 Open” warm-up race three weeks ago in both the 125 Pro and Over-30 Pro classes. He earned $1500 for his two wins. He intends to race both the $8000 Open Pro race at the World Two-Stroke race and the Pasha 125 Pro race, but will he be in the Pasha 125 Pro race or the Pasha 125 Over-30 Pro race?

Here are the classes that will be getting paid a share of the $2000 purse per class.

(1) 125 Pro: This is the actual 125 World Championship class—it pays $1000 to the winner, $600 for second place and $400 for third.

(2) 125 Vet Pro: This class is open to riders over 30 years of age (theoretically up to 49 years of age). Surprise! It also pays a $2000 purse, with the same $1000, $600 and $400 payout as the 125 Pro class.

(3) 125 Over-50 Pro: Who’d a thunk it? A big purse race for riders over the age of 50. It’s true. The winner will pocket $1000, second $600 and third $400 (just like the teenage 125 Pros get paid).

Former Grand Prix star Kurt Nicoll has won both the Over-30 and Over-50 125 classes at the two previous “Pasha 125 Open” warm-up races and pocketed $1500 at the first round and $1250 at the second. He hopes to take home a double win and $2000 on Saturday, October 3.

Don’t fret if you are just a regular 125 racer, and don’t want to have your Amateur standing ruined by accepting money for racing motorcycles, Glen Helen will hold all the normal 125 classes by skill and age divisions at the World Two-Stroke Championship. For more information or to sign up early, go to


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