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Tuner Terry Varner burns the midnight oil working on bikes—so, you can forgive him for hanging up his cowboy hat and catching some ZZZZs.

Nothing says motocross like the weathered face of a man who has raced his whole life…and two life spans of his hips and knees. John Huegel is motocross.

Not every moto-photojournalist is bogged down with camera bags and long lenses. Sometimes, less is more.

Yes, it does look like Justin Muscutt is pouring gasoline into his airbox. Not so! The TM 250FI-MX has its gas cap mounted on the side of the bike. If a TM riders gets bored, he can ask a friend to check his gas and then stand back and watch.

Looking over the shoulder of Kent Reed, you can catch a glimpse of REM promoter Frank Thomason getting ready to drop the gate.

Gary Denton (right) was a top ten AMA 125 National Pro before becoming an eight-time ATV National Champion. Gary and his son Scott smile for the camera.

Doug Dubach (left) lives in mortal fear of becoming a “minicycle dad” to his son Carter (right).

Jeff Scott enjoyed spending a day at the races with his dad—who is as far away from a “minicycle dad” as he could be. Nice to see families sharing motocross.

Larry Brooks (left) and Ernie Becker (right) were both former Pro Circuit riders back in the day. Today, Becker is a test driver for AMG Mercedes and Brooks is working on putting a team together for the 2017 season.

While Jon Ortner was at the rider’s meeting Randy Skinner reset his radio dials, borrowed the tear-offs off Jon’s goggles and helped himself to some Gatorade.

Jon Ortner and Dennis Satpleton split MXA’s 2017 KTM 450SXF. The main focus was to find suspension settings that worked for an AMA Pro who likes it stiff and a veteran AMA Pro who wants it plush. Here, Stapleton races with Jon Ortner’s air pressure numbers while Jon shoots a photo.

Motocross wives are like no others. They spend their weekends hanging out at dusty, dirty, noisy race tracks listening to the lies that motocross races tell each other. Who is Noemi married to?

Believe it or not, Pasha Afshar is the lucky man.

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