Chad Reed is spending his 37th birthday riding press day in Indianapolis.


The 2019 Monster Energy Supercross season is in Indianapolis, Indiana for round eleven of the season. Our photographer Brian Converse was on the scene to grab some photos and videos while the top guys got some extra seat time in on the track. Every city and stadium has different dirt which means the traction and ruts develop differently at each venue. It’s a great advantage to the riders who get to ride the track on press day because they get to learn the jumps and get a feel for the dirt before they race on it. Press day is a great opportunity for riders to try to make adjustments to their bike and look at lines on the track without the pressure of race day. The JGR Suzuki team, Smartop Bullfrog Spas Motoconcepts Honda team, Geico Honda team and H.E.P. Suzuki teams were in Indianapolis early to get some extra time on the track. So far it’s shaping up nicely and we are excited to see the battles that will go on when the gate drops!

Photos by Brian Converse

Chase Sexton is in Indianapolis a day early to ride in the press day. He is currently tied with Justin Cooper for second place in the 250 East point standings, 23 points behind Austin Forkner.

Chad Reed is still wearing the censored logos on his visor. If you haven’t heard about the ban that the AMA put on promoting CBD products click here to learn what it’s all about

Alex Martin has been quick this season, but he hasn’t been able to get on the podium yet. After a fifth place in Daytona he will surely be striving for the podium this Saturday. 

Justin Brayton sits eighth in the 450 Championship point standings. He’s 10 points behind Chad Reed who is seventh and 22 points behind Dean Wilson who is sixth. 

The rookie 450 rider, Justin Hill had a season best seventh place finish in Daytona. He said via Instagram: “Much better weekend inching my way towards where I belong.”

Chase Sexton is focused and ready for Indy.

Chad Reed turned 37 years old today, can you believe that? Every year he says that it might be his last, but from the outside looking in it seems like he isn’t stopping anytime soon. 

Indianapolis will be Mike Alessi’s third round of the season. He’s filling in for the injured Vince Friese on the Smartop Bullfrog Spas Motoconcepts Honda.

In Daytona, Kyle Cunningham went down in the famous sand corner right after the start. But he got up and fought his way through the pack. He came from dead last to 9th in the 250 main event. 

Kyle Chisholm finished 15th in the 450 main event in Daytona. With 57 total points this season, Kyle sits 17th in the 450 Championship standings.

Kyle Peters rode great in Daytona. He led the 250 main event for the first two laps before eventually finishing 7th. 

Justin Brayton’s ankle is still very swollen after he twisted while practicing before Atlanta, but he’s pressing forward anyways. After hurting his ankle Justin hasn’t been able to train and ride during the week like he normally does, but he still finished 7th in Atlanta and 9th in Daytona. 

Adam Enticknap #97 is known in the pits as the 7 duce duce. He is a funny guy and a great addition to the new H.E.P. Suzuki team. Adam is still looking to qualify for his first main event of the season this Saturday in Indianapolis. 

Ronnie Stewart has qualified for four main events so far this season.

Alex Ray has had a pretty solid Supercross season so far, he’s qualified for seven main events with his best finish being a 16th in Minneapolis.

Alex Martin currently sits fourth in the 250 East Championship point standings, but he is a long ways behind third, 34 points to be exact. 

While most Scott goggle riders choose to wear the popular Prospect goggles, Justin Hill prefers the smaller frames of the Hustles.

This technique is very common from Chase Sexton. Chase is a very strong athlete and his technique is usually picture perfect. He’s quick to stand up and use his legs to attack the track. 

Kyle Peters is tenth in the 250 East Championship point standings.

The Frenchman, Cedric Soubeyras ran into the back of Carlen Gardner on the start of the 450 LCQ in Daytona and he went down hard. He went to the hospital and said that he’s sore but nothing is broken. 

Ronnie Stewart lays his Husqvarna FC450 sideways off the finish line jump. 

The riders gathered on the startfor interviews and photos before the riding started at the Indianapolis Press day.


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