Glen Helen is a strange mix of views. As the Over-50 Expert class blasts over a series of small doubles, the giant grandstands of Glen Helen’s Lucas Oil offroad truck course loom in the background.

The stars of this week’s REM motocross at Glen Helen, the 25th Anniversary of SoCal’s popular REM racing club, were Tony Amaradio (450 Pro), Steven Tokarski (250 Intermediate), Bill Maxim (Over-60 Expert) and Willie Amaradio (Over-50 Expert).

For the 25th Anniversary motocross race, promoters Frank and Myra Thomason held the race on a version of the World Vet track and, thanks to SoCal’s unusual weather of the last week, the dirt was perfect. REM was originally based at the famous Carlsbad Raceway, but moved to Glen Helen when Carlsbad began to be encroached on by development. REM has its own track at Glen Helen, but for the 25th Anniversary race they moved to the USGP track, which is still in the World Vet configuration (with the two-stage uphill leading to the top of Mount Saint Helen).

This is the banked turn that leads up to the backside of Mt. Saint Helen. it is important to get a big drive here because the two-stage hill is very steep.

The big winners of the day were LightSpeed-sponsored Tony Amaradio, Vance & Hines’ Steven Tokarski, Willie Amaradio and three-time World Vet Champion Bill Maxim.

Tony Amaradio, who has been racing with REM since he was a kid, won the 450 pro class with a 1-1 sweep.

Steven Tokarski, part of the new Vance & Hines team, swept the 250 Intermediate class in front of MXA‘s Billy Musgrave (2-2), Steve Bauer (3-3) and Chris Gazafy (4-4).

As long as one end is still on the ground?you are in control. Bill Seifert (37) demonstrates in the Over-60 Expert class.

Bill Maxim just won the Over-60 World Championship a month ago for the third time in four years (he was beaten two years ago by Thorlief Hanssen). Maxim motored his way to the front of REM’s large Over-60 class in both motos and was never challenged. Meanwhile, behind him Tom White (2-3), Lyle Sweeter (4-2) and Lars Larsson (3-4) fought tooth-and-nail for second overall. Jody Weisel (6-5), Ray Pisarski (5-6) and Bill Seifert (7-7) dueled for fifth.

Dave Eropkin (811) used to 2-4 to take third overall in the Over-50 Expert class.

Bruce Ashmore (4) and Fred Nichols (45) fight over sixth place in the Over-50 Expert class. Ashmore got the spot.

REM’s Over-50 Expert class is one of the most competitive in the USA. On a weekly basis it draws the largest number of racers and has the widest variety of winners. This week, LightSpeed owners Willie Amaradio, uncle of 450 Pro winner Tony Amaradio, went 1-1 to win the Over-50 class for the first time in several years. Willie beat a top five of Too Tech’s Rick Johnson, Pro Valve’s Dave Eropkin, Dirt Bike‘s Ron Lawson and David Blunk. Other notables in the Over-50 Expert class were Dennis Boulware (9-6), Joe Pena (5-12), George Kohler (10-10), Scotty Walker (13-9) and Greg Groom (11-12).

Mike Monaghan (2) was a blur on his way to fourth overall in the Over-50 Intermediate class.

Former Saddleback Pro Bob Marino won the Over-50 Intermediate class with a 3-1 over Marc Crosby (1-3). Hollywood stuntman Mark Donaldson was back after a long layoff from making movies to get third with a 4-2, while another former Saddleback Pro, Mike Monaghan, was fourth with a 2-4.

MXA‘s Willy Musgrave continues to fly the two-stroke banner with a big win in the Over-40 Pro class.

Ray Glover won the Over-50 Novice class with a 1-1, Ray was followed across the finish line by a top ten of Jim Masters (2-2), Ron Verbeek (3-3), Paul Crouch Jr. (4-4), Dennis Foster (6-5), Brian Underdahl (5-6), Ian Pederson (8-10), Don Wallace (11-8) and Brian Martin (10-9).

Ryan Surratt (51) won the 250 Novice class.

Ryan Surratt took the 250 Novice class victory with a 3-1. Ryan finished behind Kris Palm and Dylan Merriman in moto one, but won the second moto to take the win. Richard Andersson (4-5), Nathan Cernicky (6-4), Lorenzo Brogi (8-6), Gunnar Johnston (7-8), Bryan Burch (10-7), Derek Bodnar (9-10) and Andrew Richardson (11-9) rounded out the top ten.

Dylan Merriman (559) leads Evan Blevins (28), Craig Cheever (151), Bryan Burch (121) and Ryan Surratt (51) on the first lap of the 250 Novice class.

REM races again next Saturday, December 4, at Glen Helen. It is the final REM race of the year. In a points paying series that started way back in January of 2010, the final top ten positions in the longest race series in the USA will be decided at the final race. After almost 40 races, the battle for the top ten is still undecided.

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Photos by Dan Alamangos

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