Photos by Dan Alamangos and Debbi Tamietti

Justin Jones: Son of four-time 250 National Champion Gary Jones won the 450 Pro class.

Even though it is still only March, the REM motocross racers have already logged 11 races in the first three months of 2014—before the season is done in late December they will race 40 times. Obviously these menget to race more than almost anyone in America—and they get to race against the same competition every week. Plus, REM has become the must-do race for foreign riders who want to come to California to enjoy the SoCal lifestyle.

Jesse Lundin (140) chases Cole Shondeck (768), who chases Dustin Meyer, who chases Marcus Ovegaard (864) in the Pro race.

Starting with the race on May 5, 2014, REM will start its yearly, “Get Ready For The Nationals” race program. It is a six-race schedule that offers the Pro classes long 30-minute plus two lap motos. It is REM’s way of helping aspiring AMA Pros get ready for the opening AMA National of the year on May 24. All the other classes, save for the few that get combined into the second gate of the Pro race, will run 20-minute motos.

This week’s “Greg Groom Creative Line Award” goes to Chris See (389) who decided to cut about ten feet off this corner by turning before the cone. Jesse Lundin (14) and Steven Simpson (793) are on the actual race track.

This week’s 450 Pro race was won by Justin Jones. Jones was able to build up big enough leads that he had time to throw in two crashes in the second moto and still win. Tim Beatty was second, Joseph Reynolds third, Wesley Parker fourth, Broc Armbruster fifth, Marcus Ovegaard sixth, Klint Stapes seventh and Austin Meyers eighth.

Just back from Ecuador, MXA’s Dennis Stapleton won the Vet Pro class while testing exhaust systems on MXA’s 2014 Husky FC450. He leaves for Kuwait on Monday to race the Kuwaiti National Championships.

Rikard Hansson took 250 Pro honor with a 1-1 in front of Kristoffer Palm’s 5-2, Jesse Lundin’s 4-3 and Cole Shondeck’s 2-8.

Brandon Ward, son of seven-time AMA Champion Jeff Ward, two-stroked it to a fourth in the 250 Intermediate class. That is second place Intermediate Kordel Karo (672) in hot pursuit.

REM has a unique structure for its Over-50 class. They have the conventional Over-50 Novices, Over-50 Intermediates and Over-50 Experts, but they were forced to introduce an Over-50 Elite class when too many Over-50 Experts began showing up. The Elite class was developed to give the fastest of the 50-year-old riders a faster group to race against.

Carter Dubach (15), son of Doug Dubach, won the first moto of the 65 class, but had to skip the second moto in order to make it to a baseball game he was playing in.
Rikard Hansson, son of two-time World Enduro Champion and 6th in the 250 World Championships Peter Hansson, won the 250 Pro class.
Danish rider Soren Schneider was one of a large group of Swedish, Danish and Norwegian riders racing at REM. Soren finished fifth in the Vet Novices.

Over-50 Elite: This week the Over-50 class was won by Willy Simons, after Doug Dubach won the first moto and Jon Ortner won the second. Simons 2-2 bested Chuck Sun’s 5-3, Jon Ortner’s 8-1 and Andy Kirker’s 7-4. Bob Weber and Randell Fout crashed out in the first turn (with Randel breaking his shoulder blade bad enough to require surgery). Troy Lee and  Doug Dubach also had issues with the second moto.

Doug Dubach won the first moto of the Over-50 Elite class after a spirited battle with Willy Simons, who was racing for the first time since breaking his wrist at “Day In The Dirt” back in November. Simons faded and Doug had to miss the second moto in order to drive Carter to his baseball game.

Over-50 Expert: With the fastest Over-50 Experts bumped up to the Elite class, there were more chances to win in the Over-50 Experts, but not for long. The vacuum left after moving riders up to the Elite class was quickly filled by former Pro racers Will Harper, Val Tamietti, Dave Eropkin, Mike Monaghan and others. This week Val Tamietti, and his YZ250 two-stroke, were too much for a top ten of Bryan Friday (3-2), Dave Eropkin (4-3), Mike Monaghan (5-4), Greg Carter (6-6), Andy James (2-10), Randy Skinner (9-5), Joe Sutter (8-7), Phil Dowell (7-8) and Rick Jackson (11-9).

Val Tamietti (31) swept the Over-50 Expert class with a 1-1. Bryan Friday was second and Dave Eropkin (811) was third.


REM is famous for it’s large number of Over-40, Over-50 and Over-60 racers, but people forget that many of these riders bring their kids out to race. Here are a few of the sons at REM this weekend.

Over-50 Elite rider Randall Fout (35) lets his KTM 250SXF step out. For some reason, a large group of Over-50 Experts and Elites switched to 250s this year.
How close do you want to get? From left to right, Jon Ortner (YZ250F), Chuck Sun (KTM 300SX) and Doug Dubach (YZ250) don’t want to give an inch in the first moto of the Over-50 Elite race.


Max Lee: Son of former Pro Circuit racer and designer Troy Lee. Max was second in the 85 Experts.

Carter Dubach: Son of former AMA Supercross winner and multi-time World Vet Champion Doug Dubach. Carter won the first moto of the 65 class.

Eddie Davis (155) won the Over-40 Pros, but he has his hands full with Over-50 Elite riders Andy Kirker (56) and Willy Simons (46). Simons would win the Elite class with a 2-2.

Rikard Hansson: Son of two-time World Enduro Champion and GP rider Peter Hansson. Rikard won the 250 Pro class.

Jimmy O’Neal: Son of former Pro and O’Neal USA scion Jim O’Neal. Jimmy won the 450 Intermediates.

 Willy Simons Jr: Son of Indian Dunes icon Willy Simons. Will Jr. won the 250 Intermediate class.

Then, Eddie Davis (155) had to battle with Troy Lee (25), another Over-50 Elite rider.
Tom White (80) wheelies down one of REM’s many steep downhills. The former White Brother was fourth in the Over-60 Experts.
Lars Larsson (80L) and Jody Weisel (75) had a two-moto war in the Over-60 Experts with Larsson making a last lap pass to secure first place in their personal battle—which was seventh place overall. It was Larsson’s last race as he heads back to Sweden in a week or two.
Kent Reed (491) went 3-3 in the Over-50 Novices behind a revitalized Mitch Evans and Bill Reimer.

REM does not race next weekend, March 29, but returns to action on April 5. For more info go to

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