Photos by Dan Alamangos

Travis Preston’s commitment to the winning is evident as he pitches his YZ450F into the Talladega first turn with Justin Jones (42) in the lead and Kurt Nicoll (8) in third.

Travis Preston’s broadslide-style worked for him as he holds the tighter line out of the steeply banked first turn to slide underneath Justin Jones.

The REM Octobercross took on special meaning this year because it was a build up to the 2013 World Veteran Motocross Championship next week and, as promised, the Octobercross riders got a sneak peak at what the World Vet track will look like?with a few more changes to come before next weekend. 

Jones, son of former AMA National Champion Gary Jones, stuck with Preston for a few laps, but as the moto wore on Preston (in the distance) began to pull away. Preston came within a lap of winning the 2012 World Vet Championship, until he and Ryan Hughes collided, and he plans to win the Over-30 Pro title next Sunday.


Travis Preston, who won the 450 Pro class as a warm-up to his hopes of clinching the Over-30 Pro class next weekend. Tony Amaradio, who won the Vet Pro class at REM, even though his focus is on the Over-40 Pro class at the World Vet. Kurt Nicoll, who won the Over-40 Pro class?which is what he hopes to repeat at the World Vet. Willy Simons, who won the Over-50 Expert class in what promises to be a real battle in seven days?especially when Doug Dubach arrives in the class. Gary Jones, who is the only rider to have ever won a World Vet crown in four different age groups (30, 40, 50 and 60)?which represent 30 years of Vet racing after a stellar career before he turned 30, won the Over-60 Experts at Octobercross.

Only in SoCal would two riders take a break before practice starts to discuss surfboard design over a KTM 300 kit bike.

450 PRO:
1. Travis Preston
2. Justin Jones
3. Wesley Parker
4. Toni Mulec
5. Chris Gaumer

Former AMA National rider Tony Amaradio turned 40 on Friday and he wants to win the $4000 Over-40 Pro class purse at the World Vet. Motocrossers are among the few in society who celebrate getting older.

1. Tony Amaradio
2. Roman Jelen
3. Dennis Stapleton
4. Kris Keefer
5. Rob Deeds

6D Helmet founder Bob Weber (6) and Loren Pochirowski (737) choose different lines through this banked corner.

1. Kurt Nicoll
2. Todd Mitchell
3. Brett Cross
4. Don Biscelgia
5. Tim Zacharias

Sequence 1: REM has one of the biggest weekly Over-60 Expert classes anywhere in the world. Here, 19 riders, all of whom were born before 1953 and some who were born before Pearl Harbor, sweep into Talladega. They represent eight different World Vet Championships in age groups from 30 to 70. Lyle Sweeter (55) leads in front of Carl Gazafy (176), Tom White (80 and Gary Jones (88).
Photo: Richard Stuelke

Sequence 2:
Lyle Sweeter goes down 100 feet out of Talladega as Gazafy (176) and Jones (88) sweep by. Tom White (80) is tapped out in fourth gear with no where to go. 
Photo: Richard Stuelke

Sequence 3:
Tom White hits Sweeter’s bike and is catapulted over the bars as Australian Tony Parsons (68) looks like he is next into the pile-up, but magically avoids it by inches. 
Photo: Richard Stuelke

Sequence 4:
Tom White sits stunned on the ground, while Lyle Sweeter is still stuck under his bike (and gets hit by Mike Marion’s boot in the head). George Kohler (65), Jan-Einar Oxelmark (500) and Jody Weisel (64) go by on the low line. Current Over-60 World Champion Jones would go on to win the class with Swede Oxelmark second and Kohler third. White and Sweeter walked away and will race again on Sunday. 
Photo: Richard Stuelke

1. Gary Jones
2. Jan-Einar Oxelmark
3. George Kohler
4. Mic Rodgers
5. Dave Harrison

Ryan Surratt, now riding a big bike and sporting Star Yamaha colors, crests the first half of the Shoei climb. Glen Helen’s version of the Hollywood sign glints in the sun across the valley.

1. Tallon Lafountaine
2. Trevor Stewart
3. Rylas Uddberg
4. Dylan Bollinger
5. Willy Simons, Jr.

1. Jimmy O’Neal
2. Erik Nilsson
3. Todd Gravitt
4. David Faux
5. Jason Redding

There were riders from Australia, Ireland, France, Sweden, Japan, Israel, Slovenia, Canada, South Africa, Denmark, Italy and England at the REM Octobercross. They came one week early to try to adapt to the weather, dirt and hills as shown by Swede Johan Lennartsson (19).

1. Ian Fitz-Gibbon
2. Johan Lennartsson
3. Robert Kuhry
4. Scott Lindley
5. Jeff Fine

1. Ryusei Otsuka
2. Braden O’Neal
3. Tristen Mort
4. Ryan Moore
5. Gavin Todora

Over the last two months former Indian Dunes Pro Willy Simons has dominated the Over-50 Expert class at Glen Helen and he did the same thing at the Octobercross.

1. Willy Simons
2. Jon Ortner
3. Ed Guarjardo
4. Loren Pochirowski
5. Bryan Friday

1. Jeff Fahy
2. Chris Cole
3. Earl Scott
4. Manuel Gasper
5. Joe Pena

Frank Ippolito, who was profiled last week for his monster make-up special effects and appearance on the Sy-Fy Channel’s “Face Off” TV show, grabs a little air.

1. Joe Pena
2. Steve Cochran
3. Joe Sutter
4. Pasha Afshar
5. Terry Varner

1. Ian Katanec
2. Austin Ray
3. Anthony Perez
4. Brandon Reid
5. Mark Taylor

Mercedes-Benz AMG driving instructor Ernie Becker (73) trades in the climate control and sheet metal of a Mercedes for the exposed and dirty world of dirt bike racing. Most motocrossers would kill to be paid to drive expensive sports cars for a living, while Becker just wants to be a motocrosser.

1. Robert Kuhry
2. Nathan Verdugo
3. Adam Waheed
4. Nick Nahas
5. Pasha Afshar

1. Ray Glover
2. Russell Brown
3. Bill Reimer
4. Robert Pocius
5. Graham Lunny

Although Braden O’Neal (127) won’t be allowed to race at the World Vet Championship next week (or for the next 15 years), the teenager did get to style for awhile at the REM Octobercross.

85 Beginner: Christain Garcia
85 Intermediate: Zachary Taylor
85 Expert: Max Markoff
125 Beginner: Brandon Westhoven
250 Beginner: Joshua Clark
450 Beginner: Jonathan Traut
Open Beginner: Mitch Greene
Vet Beginner: Leyton Rieck
125 Novice: Anthony Gonsalves
Open Novice: Tristen Morts
125 Intermediate: Max Markoff
450 Intermediate: Ryan Surratt
250 Pro: Shawn Hillion

REM does not race next week because of the World Vet Championship. REM returns on Saturday, November 9. For more info go to

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