Adam Ford (38), Dylan Mroz (62) and Dan Alamangos head down to the flat part of the REM track where the Arroyo starting gate used to be. Photo: F-Stop Fitzgerald

With the World Vet Motocross Championship behind them, the REM regulars were glad to return to their ancestral hillside track high above the Glen Helen AMA National track. In fact the REM track was actually the first racetrack built at Glen Helen. That was back in the 1970s when it was known as Arroyo Cycle Park?which was the site of the first-ever 125 National Championship race.

Craig Petersen kicks up some Glen Helen roost. What are the odds that the STI exec is running STI tires on his Honda?

Many REM riders were still licking their wounds from a tough four-day race schedule at the World Vet. With riders from 22 different nations and over 900 entries at the World Vet, the local riders were glad that the prestigious weekend was over and things could return to normal. And normal for them is racing a 40-race schedule that starts on January 12 and ends on December 21. It is the longest points paying series in the sport and, at the end of it, someone gets to be the number one rider at Glen Helen?no small feat after so many races. The REM locals are living the motocross lifestyle to the fullest, with 12 months of continuous racing thanks to the SoCal weather, forgiving wives and the dedication of the REM staff.

A blast from the past! Robert Reisinger has not raced in years. After his AMA Pro career ended he started Mountain Cycles mountain bikes, learned to fly helicopters and helped develop the 6D helmet. He made his comeback at REM this week with a 6-6 in the Over-50 Expert class.

With the return to normalcy came some standout rides at this week’s race. Here were the major players.

Carson Mumford (122) sweeps through REM’s roller coaster section.

Carson Mumford: Once little kid on the track, Carson is now an aspiring star on his way up. Mumford won the 250 Novice class and the 85 Expert class on Saturday.

Pasha Afshar (L7) puts the move on Terry Varner (34) to go 1-1 in the Over-40 Novices. Pasha would also finish fifth in the Vet Novices, while Terry would get second in the Over-40 Novices and fifth in the Over-50 Intermediate.

Pasha Afshar: Pasha may be best known as a sponsor of many local Pros, but he is also a hardcore racer. Pasha swept both motos of the Over-40 Novice class and came back later in the day to go 3-5 in the Vet Novices.

A week ago George Kohler finished sixth in the Over-60 World Motocross Championships. This week he went 1-1 at REM in front of a top five of Tom White, Jack Rhoten, Tony Parsons and Jody Weisel.

George Kohler: George brought a knife to a gunfight as his KTM 250SXF was outgunned by a field of Over-60 Experts armed with bigger engines. However, the Over-60 Expert class played out by the book. Kohler got bad starts, while former AMA Grand National dirt tracker Tom White pulled away. Then, Kohler clawed his way back through the pack to nip Tom White in both motos for the win.

Jeff Fahy (31) leads a chase group that includes Will Harper (behind Fahy), Scott Lindley (99), Mike Phillips (433), Randy Skinner (383), Jeff Mason (459) and Terry Varner (34).

Jeff Fahy: Jeff used a 2-1 to take the Over-50 Intermediate victory over Chris Cole (3-2) and Wil Harper (104). Fahy’s tenure in the Intermediates will most likely be over soon as his impressive win streak has earned him a spot on the short list of riders moving up soon.

Willy Musgrave (422) backed up his strong World Vet performance with a 1-1 in the Over-50 Experts in front of a top five of Jon Ortner, Bob Weber, Val Tamietti and Mike Monaghan.

Willy Musgrave: Since Willy finished second in the Over-50 Experts at the World Vet?behind Doug Dubach but ahead of the four-time Over-50 Champion Pete DeGraaf, he was the odds-on favorite to win the Over-50 Experts at REM. Willy did win, but Jon Ortner, who was fifth at the World Vet, kept Willy honest in moto one. Following Willy and Jon in the points table were a host of names from the past?including New England’s Bob Weber, former CMC number one Val Tamietti, Pro Circuit Husky Pro Mike Monaghan, inventor and AMA National rider Robert Reisinger and SoCal 125 Pro Dave Eropkin.

These are the three Pro class winners in the same corner at the same time ? Thomas Covington (64), Dennis Stapleton (184) and Zac Commans (40 on his bike and 103 on his back).

The fast guys: Thomas Covington won the 450 Pro class, Zac Commans took the 250 Pros, Dennis Stapleton swept the Vet Pros, Ryan Surratt took the honors in the 450 intermediates and Kordel Caro was the 250 Intermediate winner.

Brian Bradley (49) came out to watch his friend Ernie Becker race a couple times, got bit by the bug, bought a used Yamaha YZ250F and is now a full-fledged motocross racer (with two races under his belt). The sport needs more Brians.

Paul Doebereiner’s 1-1 took the Over-50 Novice victory in front of a top five of Ty Larson, Kent Reed, Mitch Evans and Anthony Rose.

REM does not race on Saturday, November 16, because Glen Helen will be hosting a mud run, but they will return to action on November 23, then they will be off for Day in the Dirt and then then back for a three-week string on December 7, December 14 and the season-ending December 21 race. For more info go to

Photos by Dan Alamangos

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