Photos by Dan Almangos and Randel Fout

The top three to Glen Helen’s first turn were Justin Jones (42), Mark Tilley (213) and Brandon Brady (205).

While their totally new REM racetrack is being rebuilt, the weekly REM races have moved to the USGP track for the last three races. Surprisingly, the vast majority of REM racers prefer to race on the REM track?in spite of the size and fame of the front track. The REM layout is much more technical, with lots of off-camber turns and tricky ups and down. So, in two weeks, when the new track is finished for the June 1 race, the gang will be back in their ancestral home (albeit all new and shiny thanks to Red Bull’s Dane Herrin and the Glen Helen crew).

Brandon Brady (205) dueled with Justin Jones in both motos, but eventually took command.

With this week’s race being the last of the USGP track events (for the time being), it was the last chance for the riders who prefer higher speed and bigger hills to show what they could do. It turns out that the riders who excel on one layout, do so on the other also.


Last weekend Justin Jones was on the podium at the Honolulu Hills WORCS race.

With the Hangtown 250/450 National being held on the same day, many of REM’s regular Pros were 400 miles North looking to make a name for themselves?leaving just a handful of Pro riders at REM

450 Pro: Brandon Brady went 1-1 in front of Justin Jones (2-2) and Austin McWaters (3-3).

That isn’t the Hollywood sign behind 250 Pro Jared Thomas. The new Glen Helen sign is over the ridge on the normal REM track. It looks close because the letters are ten foot tall.

250 Pros: Sean Lipanovich skipped the 250 National and came to REM. He had an easy time of it with Jared Thomas, but couldn’t stay with the 450 Pros on the big hills.

Other Pro classes: Mark Tilley won the Vet Pro class, while William Hendershot took the Over-40 Pros.

If you are lucky at Glen Helen you are the guy going up when the other riders are still coming down. This is Ron Lawson (downhill) and an unidentified rider (uphill).

Intermediates: Nathan Cernicky, who has grown up racing at REM, continues to improve. Cernicky’s 1-1 swept the 250 Intermediates. Cody Brownfield was second overall. The 450 Intermediate class was won by Dylan Mroz. Mike Tomlinson won both motos of the Vet Intermediates.


Jody Weisel (192) used two holeshots to sweep both motos of the Over-60 Expert class.

Over-60 Experts: MXA’s Jody Weisel holeshot both motos and went on to a 1-1 victory over John Huegel (2-3), Bill Seifert (4-2) and Tony Parsons (3-4).

Do you every get the feeling that someone is gaining on you from behind?

Over-50 Experts: Willy Simons and Jon Ortner continued their weekly war in the Over-50 Expert class?with the faster starting Ortner being the target that Simons aimed for up front. In both motos Simons passed Ortner, who then hung on to Willy’s rear wheel to see what he could learn. Willie Amaradio was third with Dave Eropkin fourth and Bryan Friday fifth.

Brandon Reid feels a topical breeze on his way to third in the 250 Novice class.

Over-50 Intermediates: The top ten was made up of Bruce Sylvester, Steve Donovan, Jeff Fahy, Joe Sutter, George Andrews, Jeff Mason, Randy Skinner, Gary Bowden, Kris Goolsby and Justice Quidd.

Over-50 Novices: Shy Moshe swept both motos with ease…and is most likely headed for the Over-50 Intermediates at the next race. Dave Shelton was second overall with a 3-2 in front of Paul Dobereiner’s 2-4 and Brian Martin’s 4-3.

Jon Ortner shouldn’t be doing this at his age. Keep it straight and level Jon.

Over-40 Novices: Scott Fichter went 1-1 in front of a top ten of Paul Fitz-Gibbon (2-3), Joe Sutter (4-2), Cory Clark (5-4), Kenny Safford (7-5), Justice Quidd (6-6), Kendall Stanley (3-10), Pasha Afshar (8-7), Gary Taylor (9-8) and John Pratt (10-9).

Over 40 Intermediates: Mike Carter and Ian Fitz-Gbbon traded 1-2 and 2-1 days with Carter getting the nod. Brett Anderson, Scott Lindley, Ron Shuler and Dan Alamangos followed them in.


Pasha Afshar raced two classes. He won one of them and finished 8th in the other.

125 Novices: Garrett Laye led the two-stroke contingent across the finish line in both motos with Dane McCants and Jordan Sahar filling out the podium.

Noah Hickerson airs it out.

250 Novices: Willy Simons, Jr. led a top five of Noah Hickerson, Brandon Reid, Vito Bednar and Thomas Poole to the gold.

450 Novices:
Bradley Denton’s 2-1 edged out the 1-2 of Cole Safford. Cole is the son of famous designer Kenny Safford. Garrett Cirocco was third with Scott Fichter and Mark Taylor edging into the top five.

Carson Mumford was the class of the mini classes.

This week’s brand breakdown is quite different from the last race’s makeup of bikes. At the last REM race Yamaha was the most popular brand with Honda second, KTM third, Kawasaki fourth and Suzuki fifth. This week Honda had 36 % of the bikes at the race with Yamaha 28 %, Kawasaki 14%, Suzuki 11%, KTM 9% and other brands (TM, Husky) 2%.

REM doesn’t race next Saturday, but return to action on June 1. For more info go to

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