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Photos by Dan Alamangos and Debbi Tamietti

After winning the first moto of the Over-50 Novices, Harley Hall (60) fell in the middle of the pack on lap one. Kevin Ridgman (15) hit the downed bike. Shawn Khacherian (81), film maker (The Art of Moto) Mark Homan (838) and ARC lever owner Bob Barnett (215) take evasive action. Hall got up to finish with a 1-17 day.

Most REM motocross racers know that it is winter somewhere in the world, but not at Glen Helen. They are blissfully ignorant of the fact that motocross racers across the nation are blanketed in freezing cold with their tracks closed until the spring thaw. With temperatures in the 90s and bright blue skies overhead, the Glen Helen racers should count their blessings.

The battle in the 450 Pro class was intense between Austin Howell (3) and Ryan Surratt (51), while Vet Pro winner Dennis Stapleton (184) joined in for the entertainment. Both Surratt and Howell fell, but both remounted. In the end Surratt won the 450 Pro class.

REM is starting the final leg of its 40-race 2014 season — with only six races left in the remaining seven weeks of the year (they will take Thanksgiving weekend off). For the riders who are trying to earn the 2014 Glen Helen Number One plate, the next six races will be tension packed…and, at the moment, former CMC Number One rider Val Tamietti leads the title chase. Anything can happen, but Val helped his cause this weekend by winning the Over-50 expert class (and while that didn’t extend his lead over his closest chasers, who also won, it maintained his advantage for another week.

Former CMC number One Val Tamietti (31) leads the 2014 Glen Helen points chase — on a two-stroke. It’s been about 30 years since his last number one plate.. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Globe trotting Dennis Stapleton (184) backed up his top ten finish at the World Vet Championship last weekend with a Vet Pro win at REM.

REM races again next Saturday, November 15, and again on November 22, before breaking for the Thanksgiving weekend. Then, REM will return to race every weekend in December. For more info go to

Hawaiian Brian Medeiros (17) won the 250 Pro class on a Husqvarna FC250. He is trying to get ready for the 250 West at Anaheim 1.

Tristan Miller (351) took the overall victory in a 250 intermediate duel that was nothing short of epic. Robbie Wageman (108) won the first moto, but a third in moto two allowed Miller’s 2-2 to take the cake.

Mitchell Falk is growing up! Mitchell showed up at REM on a full-size bike for the first time. Although racing in the 125 Two-Stroke class he would have easily made the top five in the 250 Intermediates.

Willy Simons, Jr. was part of a five-man duel for the 250 Intermediate win between Tristan Miller, Robbie Wageman, Michael Mosiman and Braden O’Neal.  A crash hampered Will’s day, but he still went 3-5. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Michael Mosiman (342) won the second 250 Intermediate moto after Tristan Miller crashed while leading, but Michael’s 7-1 day left him third overall. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Missing from REM for a couple months because of a knee injury, Braden O’Neal had the speed to lead, but arm pump late in both motos got the best of him. His arms will improve with more saddle time, but he still went 5-4. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

With all the action in the 250 Intermediates, Edward Denton’s fine win in the 450 Intermediates was overlooked. Denton went 1-2 to defeat Travis Hoffman’s 3-1.

Australian Dan Alamangos (58) takes a dirt shower from Pasha Afshar (L7) on his way to winning the Over-40 Intermediate class. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Dave Eropkin’s mojo has returned after months of funk. His second moto victory in the Over-50 Expert class may only have been good enough for third overall (4-1), but it was a sign that the former CMC 125 Pro from the 1970s is back on track — thanks to a switch to a KTM 350SXF from his former YZ250F. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Willy Simon, Sr. streaks off the Cape Canaveral launch pad like an Atlas rocket‚ that is a cultural reference that Willy is old enough to remember. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Jon Ortner (10) broke his little finger at the World Vet last Sunday, but showed up to race six days later at REM. Guess what? The finger wasn’t healed yet. Ortner soldiered on just to get more riding time, but couldn’t keep up with Over-50 Elite winner Willy Simons, Sr.

Dirt Bike editor Ron Lawson restored an old Honda CR250 two-stroke from his garage and raced it in the Over-50 Expert class. How did it go? “It pinged like crazy and I think it will go back into the garage until I get the jetting figured out,” said Ron who had a respectable 8-7 day. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Cole Tompkins (133) won the 250 Novice class going away, which is a dangerous thing to do near the end of the 40-race REM season. Why? Because REM moves riders up at the beginning of every new race season—which is just six races away.

Over-50 Intermediate winner Shy Moshe (185) used a 3-1 to win. Shy leads a fast freight train that includes Ken Ehlers (103), Terry Varner (34), Pete Vetrano (37) and Sam Ramirez (27).

Zayne Schallberger (226) and Kyle Allison (96) leave bread crumbs (in the form of roost) to mark their paths in the minicycle class.

ARC levers inventor Bob Barnett (215) is back in action after having serious ankle surgery that kept him off his bike for one year. Bob’s 15-13 day can be forgiven as he is still breaking in the new titanium parts — and we don’t mean on his bike.

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