Justin Muscutt won the 250 Pro class on MXA’s 2018 KTM 250SX two-stroke. Photo: Kyoshi Becker

Can you think of a local race that 10,000 people look at on the internet after the race is over? What track wouldn’t love to have that much social media presence every week? What track has the most AMA Hall of Fame inductees racing at it? What local track has been a part of AMA 250/450 National and FIM Grand Prix layouts? What local track can claim to have held the first-ever 125 National Championship back in 1973? What local track has a racing organization that holds an average of 35 races a year, keeps points at every one and puts lap times up on their website every week? What local track has motorcycle industry execs, engineers, former factory riders and inhouse test riders racing at it every week? What local track has riders from around the world putting it on their vacation bucket list?

What would you do if you had a track like this in your hometown? You’d love it.

It looked like orange helmet day at REM as a plethora of MXA test riders showed up for the Jody’s birthday bash. Mark Hall, who moved to Boise, Idaho, earlier this year to work at WPS drove down to race with his buddies—like Randel Fout (32). Photo: Kyoshi Becker

The answer: Obviously, the answer is REM Glen Helen. Most track owners would give their eye-teeth to have a regularly scheduled series that doesn’t interfere with the track’s own events, because the REM track is located on a hill above Glen Helen’s main track. REM also doesn’t stop Glen Helen from holding their own races and events on Saturday or Sunday, because REM races on its own track on Saturday.

Dalton Shirey (47) won the 450 Pro class, but eh had to battle his way passed Dennis Stapleton (66) in the second moto to seal the deal. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Additionally, the REM racers are Glen Helen’s loyalest customers—and have been for almost two decades—and they don’t go galivanting off to latest new track or race series. REM racers stick by Glen Helen—rain, shine, 110-degrees or in 40mph winds. REM racers come to Glen Helen more times a year to race (and to practice on Thursdays) than any other riders in America–they insure Glen Helen a steady turnout, on a weekly basis, without any hassles.

REM Saturday is the greatest weekly motocross series—which is why it is called “The Biggest Little Race in the World.”

There was cake for everyone at REM. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

MXA’s Dennis Stapleton spent the day testing WP Cone Valve forks and a WP Traxx shock on our 2018 Suzuki RM-Z450 Photo: Kyoshi Becker


Birthday boy: The MXA wrecking crew, both past and present, showed up at REM to celebrate Jody Weisel’s birthday. What better way to have a birthday party than by racing motorcycles. The MXA gang included current editors Jody, Daryl Ecklund and Dennis Stapleton, plus past editors Jimmy Mac, Kyoshi Becker and Tim Olson. There were ten MXA test riders from the current crew and as far back as Lars Larsson, Alan Olson and Gary Jones. Plus, Mark Hall came in from Fly Racing’s head office in Boise, Idaho, John Perry drove in from Durango, Colorado, and George Kohler came down from Carson City, Nevada. Jody’s lovely wife brought birthday cake for every rider at REM.

Jody celebrates with his lovely wife, while four-time 250 National Champion Gary Jones (center) joins in. Photo: Jon Ortner

To honor Jody’s birthday the test riders had the number 192 on their bikes or wore 192 jersey’s. This is Tim Olson on MXA’s KTM 450SXF equipped with Kayaba factory suspension. The yellow and blue plastic is from R-Tech and the graphics are by Trinity. Photo: Kyoshi Becker

This is not Jody—especially since Jody is still recovering from the arm he broke in two places last month. Photo: Kyoshi Becker

Back to the racing: Current MXA test rider Justin Muscutt won the 250 Pro class on MXA’s 2018 KTM 250SX two-stroke. Muscutt’s 1-1 best Conrad Weiland’s 2-2 and Robby Schott’s 3-3.

The Over-65 Expert class had former National Champion Gary Jones (J31), Terrycable’s Terry Davis (father of Ty Davis), Motocross pioneer Lars Larsson and T.V. Holmes in it. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Over-40 Intermediates: The Over-40 Intermediates were won by former MXA managing editor Tim Olson, who is now an exec at Mazda. Jason Goss was second, Brian Calhoun third and Joe Sutter fourth.

Flyin’ Mike Brown was the original Mike Brown from back in the 1970s. Mike was the NMA National Minicycle Champion back when they had such a thing. Photo: Jon Ortner

A bad first moto left Robert Reisinger with a 7-2 score in the Over-50 Experts. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Over-50 Novice: This class the biggest race of the day, edging out the Over-50 Experts and Over-50 Intermediates. Glenn Pietronica swept both motos of the Over-50 Novices in front of Russell Brown’s 3-2, Jim Naegle’s 2-3, Chuck Cook’s 7-4 and Mike Hillion’s 6-5.

David Cincotta got the holeshot in the Over-40 Expert race. That’s the good news. The bad news? He went 7-5 for sixth. Photo: Kyoshi Becker

Luther French (2) never saw Jon Ortner in moto one of the Over-50 Elite race and Jon never saw Luther in moto two. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Over-50 Elite: Normally the Over-50 Elite class world be the battle of the day, but the two top contenders couldn’t get on the up-and-up at REM this week. In the first moto, Luther French fell and allowed Jon Ortner to take an easy win. Luther was second. However, in the second Over-50 Elite moto Jon Ortner got to the starting line after the gate dropped. After a long hard charge Ortner got to second place. Luther won with a 2-1 over Ortner’s 1-2, but they never saw each other all day long.

Ron Shuler (33), Ralf Schmidt (78) and Brian Calhoun (712) each have their own private line going into the second turn. Photo: Kyoshi Becker

Over-50 Experts: Steve Pfaff came from Arizona to win both motos of the Over-50 Experts. Chris Radzinski got second, Robert Reisinger third, Pasha Afshar fourth, Fred Nichols fifth, Joe Sutter sixth, Ron Shuler seventh, Dan Alamangos eighth, Mike Monaghan ninth and Mark Hall tenth.

Josh Fout (33) used MXA’s 2018 Yamaha Yz250 two-stroke to win the 450 Novice class. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Joe Pena makes the best of running a little high in this berm. Joe went 3-3 in the Over-60 Experts. Photo: Kyoshi Becker

Over-50 Intermediates: Randy Skinner won the Over-50 Intermediates with a 2-1 over Lonnie Paschal’s 1-2. Bryan Friday was third with a 4-3. The top five was rounded out by Jeff Case and Bill Reimer.

Val Tamietti won again in the Over-60 Experts. At his age he can’t be moved up to the next class because there is no higher class. Photo: Kyoshi Becker

The REM moto-photo squad is a strange group. You just saw the Kyoshi Becker photo of Val Tamietti above. That’s Kyoshi in the black pants and orange hat shooting Val (31). Val’s wife, the famous Debbi Tamietti (center), is photobombing the photo that Pam Skinner (left) is shooting of husband Randy Skinner (on pit bike). And Dave Eropkin (811) is being ignored. Photo: Kyoshi Becker

Over-60 Expert: Val Tamietti cranked out another win with a 1-1 victory over Dave Eropkin (2-2). Joe Pena was a lonely third in both motos, but Mike Marion, Jim Hanson, Pete Vetrano and Marc Crosby fought over fourth place with Mairon getting the spot.

Jimmy Mac and Tim Olson (right) worked at MXA before Jimmy moved to Mountain Bike Action (and then retired), while Tim worked at Yamaha and Suzuki before taking a position at Mazda. Photo: Jon Ortner

George Kohler came down from Carson City, Nevada, for the birthday race. George rides lots of offroad trails and shelved his Tech 10s for vintage Super Victory boots because they are lighter and more flexible. Photo: Jon Ortner

Over-60 Intermediates: George Kohler and John Bosanko had two terrific battles with Kohler taking the win after a see-saw second moo with Bosanko. Phil Cruz was third (4-3), Gary Scott fourth (3-2) and Steve Chandler fifth (5-5).

Neken’s James Lavender does a little toe tapping out of this corner. Photo: Kyoshi Becker

The Novices: The Novice winners were Aidan Zingg (85 Novice), Hunter Turner (250 Novice), Josh Fout (450 Novice) and Mark Taylor (Vet Novice).

Current Over-50 World Champion Doug Dubach showed up on a Yamaha YZ85 SuperMini to do some testing. At 55, he proved that he’s not too old for the SuperMini career. Photo: Kyoshi Becker

Dennis Stapleton and Daryl Ecklund. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Lars Larsson (62) wears Alpinestars Super Victory boots on his way to second in the Over-65 Experts—because they don’t have an Over-75 Expert class at REM. Photo: Debbi Tamietti

Jon Ortner—down one hill and up the next. Photo: Kyoshi Becker

REM does not race next weekend because of Christmas, but will return on Saturday, December 30th for the final REM race of the year. For more info go to

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