Sean Lipanovich won the 450 Pro class—for the third time in the last three REM races. Click on the images to enlarge.

With the busy holiday season closing in, the REM motocross racers took this one last chance before Thanksgiving to exercise some muscles other than in their stomachs. REM will not race on Thanksgiving weekend or on the first Saturday of December, but will crank out three races in December — every Saturday except for Christmas weekend. What follows are the photos from this week’s race. You can click on them to make them larger. Until we meet again, Happy Thanksgiving.

Ciaran Naran has graduated to the big bikes and is smooth as silk. He chased Lipanovich in both 450 Pro motos, but couldn’t close the deal.

Dylan Mroz’s bike blew up in practice, but he was able to borrow a bike and win the 250 Pro class.

Doug Dubach’s son Carter is making the step up to big bikes, but Doug is making him race 125 two-strokes to learn racing skills before stepping up to 250 four-strokes. Carter was fast.

With his broken arm plated, Jody Weisel was forced to watch as his 117 consecutive race streak came to an end at REM. It ran from mid-2014 up to his recent crash. Back in 2014 he got pneumonia after not missing a single race in 2012 and 2013.

This is an awesome cut-back from 450 Pro Michael Wichter, but note the lack of roost coming from his rear wheel. That means it is sliding and, sure enough, Wichter went down a few feet later.

If you race a Husqvarna, this is how you should dress. Dan Alamangos sports the Johnny O’Mara all-white look from the 1980s. Dan was second overall in the Over-50 Expert class with a 3-2 day.

Tanner Basso was third in the 450 Pros on his YZ250F. At REM lots of 250 Pros move to the 450 Pro class because the purse is bigger there.

MXA is still working its way through it’s 2018 250 Shootout. Here, two MXA test riders, Dan Alamangos (48) and Randel Fout (41), test bikes the way they are suppose to be tested.

Austin Miller was fourth in the 250 Intermediates, and then asked the sign-up people if he  could race a second class. Because of scheduling conflicts they put him in with the Over-50 Elites. Obviously he expect to romped the old guys, but couldn’t catch Luther French and Jon Ortner. Those old Pros know a thing or two.

Luther French (2) and Jon Ortner (10) were this close in both Over-50 Elite motos. And in both motos Luther was in front of Jon.

Val Tamietti (31) finally got some competition in the Over-60 Expert class when REM gave Dave Eropkin (811) special dispensation to move to the Over-60 class, even though he is a month or two short of the legal age (although Val Tamietti had to agree to it). Val did and beat Dave 1-1- to 2-2, but it was close.

Jeff Fitzgerald used a 2-1 to beat Aaron Damico in the 450 Novice class.

Austin Harris was the 250 Intermediate winner with a 1-1.

Mike Monaghan borrowed Jody Weisel’s Husky FC350 and went 4-4 for fourth in the Over-50 Experts. What was the best part of the day for Mike, “For the first time that I can remember I didn’t crash.”

Robbie Carpenter (132) and Joe Melton (15). Melton went 1-2 for second and Carpenter went 9-7 for seventh.

Jim Hansen was third in the Over-60 Expert class with a 4-3 score.

Neken’s James Lavender was second in the Over-40 Expert class behind Dutch rider Ralf Schmidt. Dave Cincotta (861) tied for third with Scott Lindley, but Lindley’s 4-3 edged ou Disco Dave’s 3-4.

Robert Reisinger won both motos of the Over-50 Expert class, but took a rock to the lip in moto two. Robert finished the moto and, once the cut was cleaned up, everything checked out okay.

TM importer Ralf Schmidt’s 2-1 took the Over-40 win over Neken’s James Lavender.

Gavin Leachman went 2-2 for second in the 250 Intermediates.

REM is taking two weeks off for the November 25th Day in the Dirt and also on December 2, but will finish out the 2017 season with races on December 9, 16 and 30. For more info go to

Photos by Debbi Tamietti, Dan Alamangosand Jon Ortner.

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