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Renthal is now accepting rider support applications for the 2018 racing season. For nearly 35 years, Renthal has run the most successful amateur rider support program in the United States which has seen so many of the sports elite professional riders come up through the ranks as Renthal supported athletes. Support at the grassroots level is very important to Renthal as it assists riders achieve their dream of getting to the next level and helps smooth the transition from amateur to pro more seamless due to the use of our products.

To apply for sponsorship from Renthal you must visit our dedicated sponsorship website at, which allows you to upload all your information and attach a resume in Word or PDF format. Sponsorship is available for all disciplines of racing in the USA, whether you ride Motocross, Offroad, ATV, Road Race or something in between, we are looking for riders who can represent us in a professional manner on and off the track (existing sponsored riders need to apply using the same method to maintain their sponsorship through the 2018 race season).

For more information about Renthal’s amateur support program, please visit or you can contact us at (877) 736-8425, or via e-mail, Supported riders are encouraged to interact with us on social media during the events they attend throughout the season.

Twitter: @renthal_Moto
Instagram: @renthal_moto

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