Photos by Debbi Tamietti

450 Pro winner Sean Collier.

With most of the SoCal Pros hanging out in Las Vegas this past weekend, only the hardiest of Pro motocross racers came to the REM motocross on Saturday to get in some valuable outdoor training— especially given the hot weather of the past week.

ISDT Gold Medalist Justin Jones could run with Sean Collier, but his stomach wouldn’t cooperate.

The obvious Pro favorite was Fasthouse-sponsored Sean Collier, who is not only a two-time World Two-Stroke Champion, but he finished 14th last year at the Glen Helen National as a privateer. Facing Collier was Justin Jones, the son of four-time National Motocross Champion Gary Jones. Jones has been battling a stomach problem and each week he shows up with a new medical regime from his doctors in attempt to calm his upset tummy. It isn’t working as Jones hounded Collier on virtually every lap of the first moto in the 450 Pro class, but couldn’t race the second moto. Taking up the gauntlet from Jones in moto two was Italian racer and fashion model Nicolo Gobbi. Two Vet Pros were also in the mix as South African Ryan Hunt and local hero Tony Amaradio gave chase — with Hunt getting the overall in their class.

Former South African Champion Ryan Hunt won the Vet Pro class on fellow South African Alan Julien’s YZ450F.

Italian model and motocross racer Nico Gobbi got second in the 450 Pro class.

Collier was untouchable in both motos and word on the street is that he will be tapped to join Team USA at the Farleigh Castle Vet MXDN later this year. Collier is a KX500 two-stroke specialist.



Willy Simons Jr. knows how to levitate his YZ250F so that neither wheel actually touches the ground. According to Will it makes the suspension work better and the bike feels like its floating. He does have trouble getting traction though.

Willi Simons, Jr. swept both motos of the 250 Intermediate class in front of a top five of Gavin Todora, Brayton Walker, Cody Brownfield and Rachael Combs.


Brayton Walker finished third in the 250 Intermediate class.

The largest class of the day was the Over-50 Novices. Mike Hillion used a 1-2 to take the victory over Lonnie Pashcal’s 4-1, Gary Stoltenberg’s 3-3, John Caper’s 2-4 and Syd Woods’ 5-5.

Jody Weisel (192) and Bill Seifert (37) engaged in a two-moto war in the Over-60 Expert class for seventh overall.

The second largest class was the Over-60 Experts The first three places fell to Jim Latendress (1-1), Mike Marion (2-2) and Mic Rodgers (3-3), but there were a bundle of two-man duels going on behind the top three. Fourth place was decided between Lyle Sweeter (5-4) and Mitch Evans (4-5), seventh place between Jody Weisel (8-7) and Bill Seifert (7-8) and eighth place between Tony Parsons (10-9) and Lee Amaradio (9-10). Tom White crashed out early and ended up with a mild concussion that left him on the sidelines (and under REM rules unable to return to action for at least three weeks or until his wife says it okay — which ever is longer).

Ron Shuler (33) went 3-3 for 3rd in the Over-50 Experts behind Phil Dowell and Luther French.

Randy Skinner (383) could use a compass because he’s headed South, but the track is going East.

The third largest class was the Over-50 Experts. Their top ten was fairly consistent over both motos with Phil Dowell (1-1), Luther French (2-2), Ron Shuler (3-3) Val Tamietti (5-4), Scotty Walker (4-5), Joe Sutter (6-6), Ray Poltack (7-7), Mark Hall (8-8), Willie Amaradio (10-9) and Randy Skinner (9-10).




Rowdy Soland.

250 Novice: Rowdy Soland’s 1-1 defeated Kyle Paschal’s 2-2, Jeff Fitzgerald’s 3-4, Zach Gregson’s 5-3 and Zach Randolph’s 4-5.

450 Novice: Daniel D’Agostino swept both motos in front of a top five of Austin Martin, Mark Taylor, Cooper Bowles and Rex Williams.

Ever since switching to a two-stroke Mark Hall has been channeling the riding styles of Gaylon Mosier and Roger DeCoster.

Are you confused? Don’t worry, Feviu Villarreal (281), Jason Goss (828) and Mark Quintero (12) know where they are going.

Over-40 Intermediate: Ralf Schmidt used a 2-1 to defeat Jon Rhodes’ 3-2 and Jeff Case’s 4-4. First moto winner Mike Hibner was scored with a 1-8 for fifth in front of Joe Sutter’s 8-3 for sixth.

Alessio Sasso (256) is chased by Kyle Allison (96) in the 85 Intermediate class.

REM races again next Saturday, May 9, at Glen Helen. For more info go to

Jon Ortner got hit by a rock thrown off of another rider’s rear wheel. It looks bad, but Ortner raced his second moto and had the sense of mind to shoot before-and-after selfies.



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